Friday, August 27, 2004

Idea of accepting foreign babysitters.

Interesting news.
Japan may be going to accept 100 Filipino works a year for nursing and care working. It says there are still lots matters to discuss, but still this must be a great step.

Why I am impressed this news is because I was just thinking what if Japan could accept babysitter workers from foreign countries. It definitely provides cheep and easy babysitting service for the sake of stressed mothers and fathers. Coming age of historically low birth rate, authority people discuss why young dose not have children and how could they make young have children, yet increasing number of news of domestic murder to babies tells how easily home could be a closed pot of stress and tension to be hidden.
Having foreigner babysitters is no special idea in many foreign countries, as I know. Of course there exists lots problems on this, and thinking cultural gap in baby caring and communication difficulty between parents and foreign babysitters are obviously seeds of problem. On the other hand, advantage of having foreigner babysitters is it provides cheep and easy babysitting system that can encourage mothers to use external help of without bloodline strings, easier to consult family matters supposed to be kept secret in family according society protocol, and encourage single women who want children have children while natural clock allows. There have been already lots foreign women working in sex business for men in Japan. What if they could spare some to babysitting business for productive mothers and fathers.....