Wednesday, August 11, 2004

for good working

An underdog friend of mine was furious anger at some job consultant that he told her during consultation "You could choose housewife?"
She was furious blaming at him endlessly that how old generation type idea, how sexual harassment, how discrimination against women, how typical Japanese man's idea... Indeed it was careless of him to use such word during his professional consultation. He certainly deserved all her blames. If it was me who got such insult, no idea how much mad I would get!!
On the other hand, as women who have will to take better job, I think we must be able to read two messages implied from his word. One is that this could be a test to see how much tolerance this person has against insult or unpleasant word. It is easy to show the best performance when all the conditions are ideal, but it is also important to be able to show how we can cope with bad situation. The other is that this insult implies very important advice… develop some more mental skill, or no step up job is available.
Yes, it is the quality getting important to get higher job for both working men and women. There are no sexual discrimination for such quality requirement.. Hope she can realize this advice sometime later and get desired job…