Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Had a little white bunny rabbit.
May she grow up to good girl.
I know nature of rabbit a little as my sister is rabbit crazy. She always has a rabbit. She's even writing serial essays about life with rabbit on some magazine for rabbit lovers. really crazy….. Anyway what I still could not understand about rabbit is why she had to come into my room early morning when I and her happened to stay in parents house, jump up my bed, stand up on my pillow above my head, looked down my face and clap my face with her paw over my head....

Monday, August 30, 2004

definition of OTAKU

Nomura Research Institute, one of Japan's major reseach firm officially published a rport about the reality and estimated market size of "OTAKU" here.

Interesting is I think this is the first time I see the difinition of "OTAKU", other than stereotyped image and characters by media. For instance, Anime Otaku is defined as

"Those DAILY watching tv anime and DVD anime. They record tv anime programs more than 10 a week using PC and HDD recorders, they are relatively high IT literacy. Majority is men of age between 15 - 40."

And population of Anime Otaku is about 200,000 people in Japan? I just wonder it mean just more or less or this is the strict difinition to be called..

Friday, August 27, 2004

Idea of accepting foreign babysitters.

Interesting news.
Japan may be going to accept 100 Filipino works a year for nursing and care working. It says there are still lots matters to discuss, but still this must be a great step.

Why I am impressed this news is because I was just thinking what if Japan could accept babysitter workers from foreign countries. It definitely provides cheep and easy babysitting service for the sake of stressed mothers and fathers. Coming age of historically low birth rate, authority people discuss why young dose not have children and how could they make young have children, yet increasing number of news of domestic murder to babies tells how easily home could be a closed pot of stress and tension to be hidden.
Having foreigner babysitters is no special idea in many foreign countries, as I know. Of course there exists lots problems on this, and thinking cultural gap in baby caring and communication difficulty between parents and foreign babysitters are obviously seeds of problem. On the other hand, advantage of having foreigner babysitters is it provides cheep and easy babysitting system that can encourage mothers to use external help of without bloodline strings, easier to consult family matters supposed to be kept secret in family according society protocol, and encourage single women who want children have children while natural clock allows. There have been already lots foreign women working in sex business for men in Japan. What if they could spare some to babysitting business for productive mothers and fathers.....

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Olympic Fever

Haaa, physically exhausted. Got eyes tired and shoulders, back and everywhere of my body stiffen.. because been sleepless for more than a week watching Athen Olympic after midnight time. I've been too excited to watch wins of Japan's (mainly) young athletes in Judo, swimming, gymnastic and so on.... Why could I refrain from watching! Those winning athletes look relaxed and confident and tell they did their best. It is said that the reason of these wins is the result of leaving from old training method based on just hard ,work then adoption of the latest physical and mental training method based on scientific data and theory. Wow I cannot give up having expectation this must be sign that Japan is on the way passing through dark tunnel!!

An image of old training style..is of "kyojin no hoshi" ....from point of today's eye, the entire story is too overstrain and no relax. It was such days, wasn't it. Even at my high school days, I was playing guitar at the school’s guitar club. It happened sometime that sudden of all OGs and OBs came around club training room, graced at inside and shout "Everybody, sit on the floor Japanese style for an hour.." We had no right to even ask why. After one torturing hour, they asked us "Tell us why you had to sit on the floor Japanese style for an hour or you've got sit on another one hour......" of course no idea why but anyway made up something that we were wrong of this and that, they would say "..not perfect answer...but will release you with special favor..." No fan, no space for rationality…Old Japanese Army Style so I call. Sigh….

No doubt Athen’s winners impressed us the power of rational methods. It shows the direction we’d better going.… Though in daily office life, I always experience how people is conservative….. hope change in them will be distributed quicker. I would like to see how things would change then…

Monday, August 16, 2004


40 running days of over 30 degree days in Tokyo then sudden rainy weather that cooled by 10 degree in Tokyo yesterday, showed very natural power of controlling temperature...
But humble human beings have little power. That is;This Wednesday is "Uchimizu" day. We've got to sprinkle used water from our bathtub or drain water of air conditioner over hot pavement outside street. As water evaporates, it takes heat of evaporation from pavement to cool down air around and makes air breeze!! Natural Breeze!! is the ultimate natural air conditioner.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

for good working

An underdog friend of mine was furious anger at some job consultant that he told her during consultation "You could choose housewife?"
She was furious blaming at him endlessly that how old generation type idea, how sexual harassment, how discrimination against women, how typical Japanese man's idea... Indeed it was careless of him to use such word during his professional consultation. He certainly deserved all her blames. If it was me who got such insult, no idea how much mad I would get!!
On the other hand, as women who have will to take better job, I think we must be able to read two messages implied from his word. One is that this could be a test to see how much tolerance this person has against insult or unpleasant word. It is easy to show the best performance when all the conditions are ideal, but it is also important to be able to show how we can cope with bad situation. The other is that this insult implies very important advice… develop some more mental skill, or no step up job is available.
Yes, it is the quality getting important to get higher job for both working men and women. There are no sexual discrimination for such quality requirement.. Hope she can realize this advice sometime later and get desired job…

Friday, August 06, 2004

Katsuura holiday

Stupid! I left my digital camera at home. This is only photo I took Akiko-san with my Keitai camera at Okitsu, near Katsuura. Far and far away over this sea is...America!

Escaped from reality in Tokyo, have been relaxing at Katsuura, chiba with Akiko-san for my summer holiday. Unlike other popular closer to Tokyo destinations, mostly Onsen area bottom or up in mountains, as JR's Wakashio express train running for only one and half hour across Bousou Peninsula toward Ocean side, the view outside the train window was quickly changing; color of green became vivid, shape of each leaves became clear under vivid sunshine, sky became open where blue sky and white floating clouds has clear contrast in color and cool sea breeze,,,, Nice oceanic type of climate, which reminded me of last summer holiday in Napa, California ,,, it's wonderful. In contrast, how we are living under smoky dirty air everyday!!

The main purpose of this holiday at Katsuura was trying Thermes Marines De Saint-Malo

This place is not gorgeous something for posh but has quite reasonable interior, service and price to offer relaxed time for every customer in very French style. It's difficult to see which component made there look French style other than Japanese style. But what I wonder was there looked just small flat house from exterior, then once walked in inside, there turned to just satisfying place with high ceiling and comfortable space and clean rooms of mainly pastel colored interior, whereas pastel color often mean just cheep something in Japan’s interior. Took sea water excises and yummy lunch at outside terrace and laying on deck chair outside where no sound but chirring of cicadas in chorus from all trees around whose delicately different color of green composed depth in green color under large blue sky. Far over down the hill, gleaming was Pacific Ocean from where cool breeze constantly blowing. Such a perfect time at just one and half hour away from Tokyo.

Local town of Katsuura was on contrast, masculine fisher's port town. It was somehow like Matrix to watch at night, huge ocean fishing ship was docked and many huge arm-like machineries were working under flood lights against dark night ocean, from where we were standing was dark night beach nearby moisty breeze was blowing. Thanks to fishermen. Local fish dishes were no doubt wonderful. Would love to come back here again.