Friday, July 09, 2004

Tooo hot

Crazy hot and muggy day and night and day and night and day and night and.....Office seems little deserted because well organized colleagues are taking summer holiday now so that in August, they excite with Athens 2004 Olympic Games. They must be right!

By the way, this is third times this year, I had a sales phone at office of property investment today. Ahhh, a typical phone scams. How did they get my name and job? It is difficult not to doubt they get mine from "Leaked name list" from someone I exchanged my business card. This is a type of consequence people annoys when heard of the name list leakage incident. Having this kind of phone is unpleasant, though I don't agree that the argument of Act for privacy-protection legislation often involves 2-channel type web board bashing.

I myself do not fear too mush with such phone. It's safe as long as I say NO. Just wondering if all of them are from the same lurk company telling different names or truly separate ones. Their phone-talk begins by almost identical style; 1) they tells their name and company name which could sound common name of some famous company such as NEC, Toyota, then 2) without a pause they ask "You know national pension system is in crisis, have you done any measures to your retired life?" and whatever reply is, 3) they ask " have you heard that property investment is the best solution for extra pension in future?"

For 2) this kind of question is supposed to be answered, "no I haven't" by decency Japanese people who has social etiquette. But I, who is far from polite give reply Yesss, I have done perfect already." Interesting is all of them still go to next question 3), then come back my reply " you've done perfect, how?" Maybe they use the same manual? Anyway no worth to deal.
But my small adventure spirit makes me so curious what kind of crap they gonna to trap me for sucking money. I am not too stupid to meet them in person but each time I ask them to send me information by postal mail, they never send any.