Saturday, July 03, 2004


Had a nice dinner time with a friend of mine yesterday at Moroccan cafe nearby called Qahwa.
This place used to be a old garage or something, then one day last year I saw one foreigner man worked alone inside, day by day decorating interior, painting wall, cutting something with saw,,,and eventually turned into a cafe opened the end of last year. The progress continued after opening, and now there has such a cozy atmosphere. Seeing interior there are full of second hand furniture’s and old posters and pictures on the wall, nothing looks new and the latest but surely they shows good taste toward cozy atmosphere. For eyes of Tokyoner who has got used to go either spend-money-for-interior or obviously-cheep or uniform-designed restaurants and cafes seeing this cozy place made from scratch was almost shocking!! Of course there are lots nice Izakaya around, but Izakawaya is after all just a place to eat and drink alcohol... I must admit I have an inferiority complex to some foreigners who have ability to work out making cozy place by own without spending lots money.
Seated one of two outside table facing a non-busy local street, feeling a caress of evening breeze and occasionally looking up stars at night sky in a frame of buildings which were intercepted by electric wirescape, we got relaxed as if on holiday to some foreign country... Always happiness is there to find heavenly moment in a daily life.

We did not drink alcohol because she had a doctor stop after 2 mouths hospital stay. She was telling about her hospital stay life that what agonized her at first was not a disease and treatment but was life with no cell phone, no computer, no e-mail and no internet. She is not IT worker but has been using them full in her life.
Mmmm this made me realize it is already hard to me too to imagine life without google for instance. All information and communication are at hand with e-mail and internet, now I am forgetting the life without computer….Imagine how easily they could be gone by hospitalized, leaving along in an isolated island, long black out like NY had or The Day after tomorrow…..!!