Monday, July 26, 2004

International Conference for Women in Business

Been the first time to 9th International Conference for Women in Business on Sat, 24th .
It sounded difficult conference but organized by Kaori Sasaki of e-woman meant rather casual networking party “for women by women”.  Though I usually am not pleased by services for Woman, at least in Japan, services for woman can mean easier and lighter version of for men, sweeter taste, fashionable than content,,,Kaori Sasaki san is the one I can trust her of sincerity. She is the one who can GIVE first.  Spending 20,000yen to share this whole day with 850 young women is reasonable for a chance to listen speeches of Mrs. Fumiko Hayashi, President of BMW Japan who stepped up from legendary car sales person, Mr. Mamoru Mouri, the Japanese astronant and Mr. Syogo Kariyazaki, the top flower arrangement specialist. Especially Mrs. Hayashi's talk about her carrer and speech technique were outstanding. Just all words, expression gesture and everything of her were working effectively to convince listeners her communication ability she talked the most important. Indeed interesting was all 3 speakers were emphasizing the importance of positive communication to others... under the theme "Self Motivation Turning Passion into Action"  ...Not surprising. Last some years I was listening Self- Self- Self- in business self-help around and suddenly turned to communication, communication, networking, communication around lately. Anyway no problem to listen good speeches. Mr.Kariyazaki said in his powerful speech "I can give as much energy as you want now, but given energy is consumed soon. You can't keep energy unless you produce your own energy."  Yes, indeed.

Anyway, one main feature of this conference was that networking was strongly encouraged (in other words, women has difficulty to make networking outside own community? ),  and offered lots networking time. Good things to me was;
1) After all I could see Natalia in person!!
2) The first time I have some grab of working women situation in Japan. Assuming successful women who have own networking do not come to such conference, many (not young) women introduced themselves very well what they were doing in their companies, but only few could tell the business situation of the business they are working.

Just I thought naming this conference "International Conference for Women in working" could sound better to express this conference. I was thinking on my way back home what the difference between working women and women in business. I am not gonna to say which is what. Just which sounds relaxing.