Monday, July 05, 2004


Still thinking about life with PC and life without PC, must confess that I haven't been really handwriting for long period of time. Even at university days, I typed all my reports by a word processor on PC and because it looked cool..., already using e-mails and exams, I had more math than writing essay...can't remember how much words I wrote in handwriting. After university was already a day of e-mail and Internet, less and less handwriting. Using electric word processor makes writing easy. Scratching out the first idea of what want to write, can arrange verbs and objects, improve the wording, polish off the expression or whatever easily. Writing English, spell checker and grammar checker are well provided for help.(I still make lots mistakes though.) Writing Japanese, excellent Kanji-translation system shows choice of possible Kanji taking into account of sentence. No worry to think about appropriate Kanji while writing, pressing space bar can instantly show the choices to choose. These are great tools to encourage writing. When I was a small kid studying Kanji or Basic English vocabulary everyday, I used to dream if I had a great sister or brother who could answer all my asking instead of looking into dictionary each time. So these tools are as if dream came true.

But relying on these tools too much, I might be loosing something. It’s that I started study for some exam, which involves certain volume of handwriting essays without dictionary at exam room. Misspelling of Kanji is the subject of down point. People points out that it is hard job to hand write lots for those who gets too used with word processor.....then realized it's me!! From planning contents, sentence, choosing appropriate words and spelling or Kanji plus handwork of writing readable letters at one time, yaa, handwriting is indeed very sophisticated job. I realized. So warring handwriting….is uncomfortable as it’s also fear of loosing sophistication…. Maybe I'd better buy a diary notebook for more handwriting.