Monday, July 12, 2004

Election is over

OK, Good to have election in hot summer is they refrains bawling speech from campaign cars and around the corner of town.
The result was DPJ rose and LDP fell to almost equal power. Over 80% of 121 upper house seats are occupied by either DPJ or PDP.

This election was bit boring to me compared with days new parties are formed and reformed vertiginously few years ago. Now election point is either LDP or DPJ,,,,Koizumi Yes or No,,,,, doctrine of duality. It might be better than days 50 years of mighty LDP or many other parties but a choose from two or not dose not sound comfortable to me. It sounds a theory of monotheistic religion which likely to cause the war still in this modern days. For instance I stand against Koizumi sending SDF to Iraq, even if this has meaning for the political or economical relationship between Japan and America, Iraqi people has their right to make their life by themselves, all I say is just leave them alone to find their own way. On the other hand, DPJ’s future pension plan, which was supposed to be one of main points of the election, doses not sound realistic. Simple pension system is welcome but whom to blame is not people working non-exciting job for expectation of good pension such as civil-service workers but those who dose not pay pension for whatever reason now and DPJ plan dose not mention those not paying for pension

Anyway Japan's economy is recovering. I am employed. Iraq is far away oversea, the relationship to North Korea seems better lately, pension crisis is in future, a low birthrate problem...discussion is still far from the point (what to do with man? both single and married but not helpful?) Is there any clear and present matter to discuss diplomatically?