Friday, July 23, 2004

coincidence ?

Talking with my elder underdog friend, we shouted each other with surprise, 
"you do?", "you do too?"
to find we both have recently started studies for taking some qualification for future. She is one of those attractive women who have good sense for everything, good understanding of art and culture and keeping not bad job plus occasionally work as freelance editor. In other word, she looks the last person who studies hard for taking conservative qualification. And sure she must have thought I was the last one who studies hard for taking conservative qualification too. That's why we are friends.

I wonder if she had the same motivation to the qualification as mine?  As an underdog, job and financial security is high priority matter. But moreover dose anything make her think that it's time to end the grasshopper's life of Tokyoner who still can’t ignore the remainder of Tokyo's bubble period culture over 20 years? (Just my case, it was in the middle of bubble period culture when I began conscious of culture around in my junior high school and high school days. Still seeing tired remainder of bubble period culture here and there in Tokyo, they touch my antenna and makes me surprise how ex-cultures run slow underneath of fast streaming Tokyo top culture.)

Anyway interesting coincident. Happy to me to get a comrade. Then...well.... we soon made a plan going to Mori Art Museum, in the name of little break... But because MoMA's on!!