Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Tokyo hot summer night view!

from Roppongi Hills Observatory...

Monday, July 26, 2004

International Conference for Women in Business

Been the first time to 9th International Conference for Women in Business on Sat, 24th .
It sounded difficult conference but organized by Kaori Sasaki of e-woman meant rather casual networking party “for women by women”.  Though I usually am not pleased by services for Woman, at least in Japan, services for woman can mean easier and lighter version of for men, sweeter taste, fashionable than content,,,Kaori Sasaki san is the one I can trust her of sincerity. She is the one who can GIVE first.  Spending 20,000yen to share this whole day with 850 young women is reasonable for a chance to listen speeches of Mrs. Fumiko Hayashi, President of BMW Japan who stepped up from legendary car sales person, Mr. Mamoru Mouri, the Japanese astronant and Mr. Syogo Kariyazaki, the top flower arrangement specialist. Especially Mrs. Hayashi's talk about her carrer and speech technique were outstanding. Just all words, expression gesture and everything of her were working effectively to convince listeners her communication ability she talked the most important. Indeed interesting was all 3 speakers were emphasizing the importance of positive communication to others... under the theme "Self Motivation Turning Passion into Action"  ...Not surprising. Last some years I was listening Self- Self- Self- in business self-help around and suddenly turned to communication, communication, networking, communication around lately. Anyway no problem to listen good speeches. Mr.Kariyazaki said in his powerful speech "I can give as much energy as you want now, but given energy is consumed soon. You can't keep energy unless you produce your own energy."  Yes, indeed.

Anyway, one main feature of this conference was that networking was strongly encouraged (in other words, women has difficulty to make networking outside own community? ),  and offered lots networking time. Good things to me was;
1) After all I could see Natalia in person!!
2) The first time I have some grab of working women situation in Japan. Assuming successful women who have own networking do not come to such conference, many (not young) women introduced themselves very well what they were doing in their companies, but only few could tell the business situation of the business they are working.

Just I thought naming this conference "International Conference for Women in working" could sound better to express this conference. I was thinking on my way back home what the difference between working women and women in business. I am not gonna to say which is what. Just which sounds relaxing.

Friday, July 23, 2004

coincidence ?

Talking with my elder underdog friend, we shouted each other with surprise, 
"you do?", "you do too?"
to find we both have recently started studies for taking some qualification for future. She is one of those attractive women who have good sense for everything, good understanding of art and culture and keeping not bad job plus occasionally work as freelance editor. In other word, she looks the last person who studies hard for taking conservative qualification. And sure she must have thought I was the last one who studies hard for taking conservative qualification too. That's why we are friends.

I wonder if she had the same motivation to the qualification as mine?  As an underdog, job and financial security is high priority matter. But moreover dose anything make her think that it's time to end the grasshopper's life of Tokyoner who still can’t ignore the remainder of Tokyo's bubble period culture over 20 years? (Just my case, it was in the middle of bubble period culture when I began conscious of culture around in my junior high school and high school days. Still seeing tired remainder of bubble period culture here and there in Tokyo, they touch my antenna and makes me surprise how ex-cultures run slow underneath of fast streaming Tokyo top culture.)

Anyway interesting coincident. Happy to me to get a comrade. Then...well.... we soon made a plan going to Mori Art Museum, in the name of little break... But because MoMA's on!!




Wednesday, July 21, 2004


It is rare chance lately to hear such a simple and strong word from politicians in the world. The Philippine president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who decided withdrew troops from Iraq for the life of the hostage, said
"It would have been silly to sacrifice the life of the hostage, Angelo dela Cruz, when the troops were scheduled to go home in August in any event."   from NYTimes 
 WhiteHouse complains her decision that it sent "the wrong signal to terrorists".  It seems she is the only politician who knows whom to protect from terrorism.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Cultures Crash

Since "Winter sonata" and "Bea Young Jun" stole hearts of Japanese women,lots “Love Korean culture and stars” web sites are born to share their feeling and information. Yes, quite good use of Internet, isn't it? Unfortunate is that Internet world is also residence of poor minded kids who love to express their sneaky faces.

When these two meets, what happens is here

I hear this is one of many....Seems they can not reside together….Really difficult is happy sociocultural pluralism. Sigh...

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Who she is is..

Just an awesome article of Natalia Rossini is here

I know many Japan Bloggers Mailing List members frown on hearing her name from few posts she spoke, but this articles tells who and what she is. Though I have acquaintances with her only through some mailing list, I just wish I could have a half of her gut!

Monday, July 12, 2004

Election is over

OK, Good to have election in hot summer is they refrains bawling speech from campaign cars and around the corner of town.
The result was DPJ rose and LDP fell to almost equal power. Over 80% of 121 upper house seats are occupied by either DPJ or PDP.

This election was bit boring to me compared with days new parties are formed and reformed vertiginously few years ago. Now election point is either LDP or DPJ,,,,Koizumi Yes or No,,,,, doctrine of duality. It might be better than days 50 years of mighty LDP or many other parties but a choose from two or not dose not sound comfortable to me. It sounds a theory of monotheistic religion which likely to cause the war still in this modern days. For instance I stand against Koizumi sending SDF to Iraq, even if this has meaning for the political or economical relationship between Japan and America, Iraqi people has their right to make their life by themselves, all I say is just leave them alone to find their own way. On the other hand, DPJ’s future pension plan, which was supposed to be one of main points of the election, doses not sound realistic. Simple pension system is welcome but whom to blame is not people working non-exciting job for expectation of good pension such as civil-service workers but those who dose not pay pension for whatever reason now and DPJ plan dose not mention those not paying for pension

Anyway Japan's economy is recovering. I am employed. Iraq is far away oversea, the relationship to North Korea seems better lately, pension crisis is in future, a low birthrate problem...discussion is still far from the point (what to do with man? both single and married but not helpful?) Is there any clear and present matter to discuss diplomatically?

Friday, July 09, 2004

Tooo hot

Crazy hot and muggy day and night and day and night and day and night and.....Office seems little deserted because well organized colleagues are taking summer holiday now so that in August, they excite with Athens 2004 Olympic Games. They must be right!

By the way, this is third times this year, I had a sales phone at office of property investment today. Ahhh, a typical phone scams. How did they get my name and job? It is difficult not to doubt they get mine from "Leaked name list" from someone I exchanged my business card. This is a type of consequence people annoys when heard of the name list leakage incident. Having this kind of phone is unpleasant, though I don't agree that the argument of Act for privacy-protection legislation often involves 2-channel type web board bashing.

I myself do not fear too mush with such phone. It's safe as long as I say NO. Just wondering if all of them are from the same lurk company telling different names or truly separate ones. Their phone-talk begins by almost identical style; 1) they tells their name and company name which could sound common name of some famous company such as NEC, Toyota, then 2) without a pause they ask "You know national pension system is in crisis, have you done any measures to your retired life?" and whatever reply is, 3) they ask " have you heard that property investment is the best solution for extra pension in future?"

For 2) this kind of question is supposed to be answered, "no I haven't" by decency Japanese people who has social etiquette. But I, who is far from polite give reply Yesss, I have done perfect already." Interesting is all of them still go to next question 3), then come back my reply " you've done perfect, how?" Maybe they use the same manual? Anyway no worth to deal.
But my small adventure spirit makes me so curious what kind of crap they gonna to trap me for sucking money. I am not too stupid to meet them in person but each time I ask them to send me information by postal mail, they never send any.

Monday, July 05, 2004


Still thinking about life with PC and life without PC, must confess that I haven't been really handwriting for long period of time. Even at university days, I typed all my reports by a word processor on PC and because it looked cool..., already using e-mails and exams, I had more math than writing essay...can't remember how much words I wrote in handwriting. After university was already a day of e-mail and Internet, less and less handwriting. Using electric word processor makes writing easy. Scratching out the first idea of what want to write, can arrange verbs and objects, improve the wording, polish off the expression or whatever easily. Writing English, spell checker and grammar checker are well provided for help.(I still make lots mistakes though.) Writing Japanese, excellent Kanji-translation system shows choice of possible Kanji taking into account of sentence. No worry to think about appropriate Kanji while writing, pressing space bar can instantly show the choices to choose. These are great tools to encourage writing. When I was a small kid studying Kanji or Basic English vocabulary everyday, I used to dream if I had a great sister or brother who could answer all my asking instead of looking into dictionary each time. So these tools are as if dream came true.

But relying on these tools too much, I might be loosing something. It’s that I started study for some exam, which involves certain volume of handwriting essays without dictionary at exam room. Misspelling of Kanji is the subject of down point. People points out that it is hard job to hand write lots for those who gets too used with word processor.....then realized it's me!! From planning contents, sentence, choosing appropriate words and spelling or Kanji plus handwork of writing readable letters at one time, yaa, handwriting is indeed very sophisticated job. I realized. So warring handwriting….is uncomfortable as it’s also fear of loosing sophistication…. Maybe I'd better buy a diary notebook for more handwriting.

Saturday, July 03, 2004


Had a nice dinner time with a friend of mine yesterday at Moroccan cafe nearby called Qahwa.
This place used to be a old garage or something, then one day last year I saw one foreigner man worked alone inside, day by day decorating interior, painting wall, cutting something with saw,,,and eventually turned into a cafe opened the end of last year. The progress continued after opening, and now there has such a cozy atmosphere. Seeing interior there are full of second hand furniture’s and old posters and pictures on the wall, nothing looks new and the latest but surely they shows good taste toward cozy atmosphere. For eyes of Tokyoner who has got used to go either spend-money-for-interior or obviously-cheep or uniform-designed restaurants and cafes seeing this cozy place made from scratch was almost shocking!! Of course there are lots nice Izakaya around, but Izakawaya is after all just a place to eat and drink alcohol... I must admit I have an inferiority complex to some foreigners who have ability to work out making cozy place by own without spending lots money.
Seated one of two outside table facing a non-busy local street, feeling a caress of evening breeze and occasionally looking up stars at night sky in a frame of buildings which were intercepted by electric wirescape, we got relaxed as if on holiday to some foreign country... Always happiness is there to find heavenly moment in a daily life.

We did not drink alcohol because she had a doctor stop after 2 mouths hospital stay. She was telling about her hospital stay life that what agonized her at first was not a disease and treatment but was life with no cell phone, no computer, no e-mail and no internet. She is not IT worker but has been using them full in her life.
Mmmm this made me realize it is already hard to me too to imagine life without google for instance. All information and communication are at hand with e-mail and internet, now I am forgetting the life without computer….Imagine how easily they could be gone by hospitalized, leaving along in an isolated island, long black out like NY had or The Day after tomorrow…..!!