Friday, June 04, 2004

shocked by the news and go to 2 channel

Shocking news was that 11 years girl slashed her class friend because of web comments trouble.

the following detailed news in Japanese reports that
written the word she did not like on victim's HP, this girl attacked the victim's HP by deleting her Avatar character and rewriting some contents or comments. So the victim girl replied by attack announcing "My HP got troll." "I know who was troll. But don't care. Leave it isn't it" then slashed!

too nightmare to comment yet.

I must confess that when I heard this news, the first news source I checked was 2channel, the notorious enormous Japanese web board (though I couldn't get into the site because of too much access. people thinks the same as me) The reason is simple. This is the only news source, which guarantees row and real-time information among a pile of rubbish comments, in contrast to scanned and controlled news by existing TVs and newspapers. If it was just an accident, I didn't bother to check 2 channel. But once serious incident like this case which must hide deep background reason behind and wide social influence need to be considered, I go to 2 channel to seek row information, material for considering the incident by my own thought rather than just accepting media filtered news and already interpreted comments and discussions of intellectual's. (The same spirit as blog.)

Although 2 channel's anonymity is so often accused, information and discussion written there with guarantee of anonymity has incredible multiplicity. If only being patient to follow active thread there, in a sea of kiddy rubbish comments that I just ignore, one can find secret internal information that was authenticated by anonymous people immediately and thoroughly openly and judged the truth openly. (I can also judge the quality of information following these comments.) There is also found high level information and discussion by anonymous people but obviously the owner of high intelligence. Really melting pot of any intelligence revel information is the 2 channel. All one need is a skill to ignore rubbish comments and find valuable information and fun sense to laugh anything. Although 2 channel's anonymity is accused, anonymity has an advantage that all comments are flatten. No title, no position, no name, pure content of comment is shown there. Also no debate technique is workable. Quite guaranteed place for non-arbitrary controlled information.

I'm not deep 2 channeler. But I am one of those eager for non-controlled information. Have a sort of respect to 2 channel satisfies my desire. What I consider from the information I got from 2 channel… will write later. (information is still not enough.)