Monday, June 28, 2004

no more global warming please!

Woow, been cloudy since yesterday, I am gaining shape from melting by a week long hot and muggy after typhoon. Isn’t it still June? Can not be this hot!! It’s now difficult not to think the relationship between this hot and the global warming, isn’t it. Though it is almost annual summer events in recent years that someone at somewhere on the globe is complaining it’s too hot because of global worming…. There is no doubt that the global warming is indeed progressing and we’ve got to be more environmental friendly than ever to stop global warming.
Yes, environmental friendly is sweet ward to tell in these development countries, which make speaker sound I am a good person who cares environment too. But I always doubt that which part of environmental friendly is truly good to environment and which part is just the word given by industrial strategy to encourage customers to purchases their products anyway... I think America is environmental unfriendly because they don't obey KYOTO protocol, they created car-based life, ready-made food life, electrically equipped life and consume-and-dispose lifestyle but I know they have environmental friendly in their scale and according their scale, they see Japan as environmental unfriendly based on the fact that disposal chopsticks wrapped in disposable paper case are used everywhere as well as excess wrapping of every items purchased at shops. Oh well, wonder how much sense of feeling for environment falls for the name of culture and life style by industry strategies?

Anyway, hot summer has been turned hell to me!! I've got to fight my best to avoid summer sunbeam to prevent getting sun which causes mottles then skin cancer later. Outside is hot and muggy but once inside any buildings, there is cooled tooooo chilly by air condition. I've got to fight this cold that makes my limbs shiver seriously. Staying in an office whole day wearing knitted shirt still makes my body chilled and I can not be recovered until I take hot bath at home at night. I no longer want to be cooled again by air condition at night, but closed room gets too muggy to sleep. Ah if only Tokyo is still enough safe to open windows over night at an apartment woman living alone. (I do open windows over night at my parent’s house though... ) Every summer it is big deal to plan how I can gain comfortable night but it is still June and how come I have to plan already! I really hope no more global warming please!