Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Littler further thought

More than one week has passed since this school girl murder but no quite evidence to convince public the course of killing of the school girl are found. What so called web comments and chats rage between them reported on early news was after all, a trivial bad language exchange among friends, all I can extract is a memory of bitter-sweet moments everybody can recall of small misunderstanding, bad word fight, stubbornness and reconciliation in our childhood.

Rather more news revealed the fact this girl had strong addiction to violent novels, cinemas and HPs. Surely she must have been influenced too much from such a fictional violence drama. otherwise why she had to commit killing her friend at school lunch time where
Impossible to hide her murder and return to her class room to cry out "not my blood" But influence is different from the cause. It’s too short to blame the violent media for effect on young. The real question is what part of her had such stroung addiction to violent fictions. What made her develop such rage and despair to the point to break the barrier between real and violent fictional world. And why she did not pay attention to hide her murder while she spent 4 days for murder planning.

As am once upon an 11 years old little girl, there is something empathetic on her feeling, though I never justify it. There is something common despair among girls that she couldn't believe her ability to change by herself whatever dark situation upon her. And rage that she was discouraged to develop such ability or never given a chance to develop. Such heart breaking ideas. Something despair and rage inside her which matched to form real shape with influence of violent fiction. I am sorry for a victim girl who was targeted by what?

By the way checking normal? web boards other than 2 channel, such as Yahoo! Japan web board and infoseek Japan web board, I was much bewildered by seemingly much rage comments there. How come they are so aggressive, selfish and lots of personal comment attacks each other in open web boards where Yahoo or Infoseek authenticates their users. It seems 2 channelers have much awareness as its component that each of them has a responsibility to run the 2-channel community. Whereas those authenticated users of Yahoo! board and Infoseek board seems much open to show personal bashings and strongly biased views. What's this?