Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Life having unexpected guest

Was busy to exchange emails with a friend of mine staying at North San Francisco last week......Exactly saying, was busy to listen her complaints and frustration though. She lives in US following her husband relocation with their first baby, got more concern with caring her baby and doing well with Japanese madam society there. We have a common friend who used to be a powerful hard worker as a chief executive secretary in a large company but suddenly quite job few years ago and went to San Francisco Bay Area to study English and accounting. She visited my friend to stay for a week last week and this was the course of all the trouble. As my friend descried, she visited her with incredible amount of languages saying she dose not have accommodation so staying one room of a friend to anther. Offered a guest room, she commented how rich you have a guest bedroom. She proudly accounted that she often sleeps in a sleeping bag at a corner of a small kitchen of friends. She made the friend cook, wash, iron, and take out for sightseeing everyday but never really say appreciation or show her appreciation in some form such as helping housekeeping or leaving some money. All she talked were how she lost possessive and enjoyed to find cheep life. She was wearing old second-hand clothes she bought from garage sale even when the friend took her Japanese society gathering, which enraged as too embarrassing!! It’s true that life style is of her own but how made people around accept her is another skill. I'm afraid to say but from outside observer, it was really interesting war between lifestyles of a wife of elite oversee expatriate and of woman staying oversee language school too long. How could I leave my eyes from there: ) They were once friends together as young working Tokyoner women and both went to San Francisco Bay Area but developed such a completely different life skills. Too interesting. Anyway troubles happened by unexpected guest sounds somehow like event rather TV comedy show or old novels to me who live quietly in a tiny room in Tokyo….will move to larger room, is my resolution!