Saturday, June 19, 2004

Bad Saturday Morning

Awake this Saturday morning before 9AM by a deadly loud harmony of heavy motors. At first I thought a gang of motor bikers were running but their pitches are higher and sounds on and off strangely. Looking out from the balcony, it was the sound of more than a handful of chainsaws cutting tree branches in the backyard of neighboring a shop and office building. This building faces the front to the big street but backyard side is quiet residential area. The noise of chainsaws echoed just like hell. Some neighbors were out already in anger at the sudden noise, I dashed out to join them to get back my quiet Saturday morning. There was a middle age guy from the building management company supervising gardener's work. We beckoned him to the street and complained the noise. He showed no reaction but little grin on his face and said plainly sorry but he was just there told by his boss and for any claim should tell his boss. I asked if he could make a contact to his boss but he said no because his boss wouldn't be in the office today. (sure it's Saturday)

Too perfect. We gave up further discussion and the intolerant noise went on till afternoon. I honestly re-recognized that the power of the word “ boss said to do so” works so mighty to shut up all the discussion, though I am the last one to say this word.