Wednesday, June 30, 2004

New Resolution

Eventually I made up my mind for a new resolution few weeks ago after well long consideration. What it is is the secret until I could fulfill next summer!! Anyway this new resolution involves very hard study, which inevitably makes me change of my daily life style for sparing study time. Indeed reviewing my life past three years, no excuse I've been living floppily. Endless chain of over-night drink, over-night chat, over-sleep morning and room messed just to proof I am one of those creatures controlled by the law of increase of entropy. Surely the urban singleton quite goes with this law!!
Mmm.. think it’s good to have little break of my lovely singleton life and have a little joy of study!!

Monday, June 28, 2004

no more global warming please!

Woow, been cloudy since yesterday, I am gaining shape from melting by a week long hot and muggy after typhoon. Isn’t it still June? Can not be this hot!! It’s now difficult not to think the relationship between this hot and the global warming, isn’t it. Though it is almost annual summer events in recent years that someone at somewhere on the globe is complaining it’s too hot because of global worming…. There is no doubt that the global warming is indeed progressing and we’ve got to be more environmental friendly than ever to stop global warming.
Yes, environmental friendly is sweet ward to tell in these development countries, which make speaker sound I am a good person who cares environment too. But I always doubt that which part of environmental friendly is truly good to environment and which part is just the word given by industrial strategy to encourage customers to purchases their products anyway... I think America is environmental unfriendly because they don't obey KYOTO protocol, they created car-based life, ready-made food life, electrically equipped life and consume-and-dispose lifestyle but I know they have environmental friendly in their scale and according their scale, they see Japan as environmental unfriendly based on the fact that disposal chopsticks wrapped in disposable paper case are used everywhere as well as excess wrapping of every items purchased at shops. Oh well, wonder how much sense of feeling for environment falls for the name of culture and life style by industry strategies?

Anyway, hot summer has been turned hell to me!! I've got to fight my best to avoid summer sunbeam to prevent getting sun which causes mottles then skin cancer later. Outside is hot and muggy but once inside any buildings, there is cooled tooooo chilly by air condition. I've got to fight this cold that makes my limbs shiver seriously. Staying in an office whole day wearing knitted shirt still makes my body chilled and I can not be recovered until I take hot bath at home at night. I no longer want to be cooled again by air condition at night, but closed room gets too muggy to sleep. Ah if only Tokyo is still enough safe to open windows over night at an apartment woman living alone. (I do open windows over night at my parent’s house though... ) Every summer it is big deal to plan how I can gain comfortable night but it is still June and how come I have to plan already! I really hope no more global warming please!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Neighbor watch

On a way back to my room at typhoon-has-just-gone night.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Bad Saturday Morning

Awake this Saturday morning before 9AM by a deadly loud harmony of heavy motors. At first I thought a gang of motor bikers were running but their pitches are higher and sounds on and off strangely. Looking out from the balcony, it was the sound of more than a handful of chainsaws cutting tree branches in the backyard of neighboring a shop and office building. This building faces the front to the big street but backyard side is quiet residential area. The noise of chainsaws echoed just like hell. Some neighbors were out already in anger at the sudden noise, I dashed out to join them to get back my quiet Saturday morning. There was a middle age guy from the building management company supervising gardener's work. We beckoned him to the street and complained the noise. He showed no reaction but little grin on his face and said plainly sorry but he was just there told by his boss and for any claim should tell his boss. I asked if he could make a contact to his boss but he said no because his boss wouldn't be in the office today. (sure it's Saturday)

Too perfect. We gave up further discussion and the intolerant noise went on till afternoon. I honestly re-recognized that the power of the word “ boss said to do so” works so mighty to shut up all the discussion, though I am the last one to say this word.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

What the point of having the world's longest alphabetical email address

Add a contact mail address to my blog just in case if someone has interesting news to tell me in

don't spam. 'm serious. I found this WEB mail provider through makiko's blog and immediately registered.
It's just one of ordinal free web mail service. It has the world's longest alphabetical domain part of email address. That's all. But it is so...something between cool and stupid (I weight later though) that I can not ignore from my eyes...I'll have a fun.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

A tip for healthier life

So far, am writing my Yahoo! diet I started the end of last week. Goody, Goody!

As everybody who saw me knows, I am petit, look skinny because my bones are tin, which cheat myself and others that I don't need to care diet. But the fact is that the result of body fat percentage of mine has been showing non-mercy realistic evidence that I need some care to prevent adult diseases in future seriously. My mom who is petite too is suffering from diabetes and dilation of the heart. It is said this type dose not have good ability to consume salt, fat and sugar...sounds my body is not good to survive outside of Japan.. or even Japan in this age of gluttony....

So am writing what I eat and what I exercise today on my Yahoo! Diet. And having an advice from a friend of mine, I realized that all I have to do is just to control in and out of calories through my body so that keeping less in and more out or equal in and out in good quality for healthy body but never more in and less out by junk food, of to take account of different approach between muscles and body fat though.....from any accounts by natural low unless working alchemical magic, it is impossible to produce fat inside me from nothing. Every fat has it's source. Very simple. All I need to care is less in and more out (exercise)...if I am so generous to make up excuse for going opposite direction though...

By the way, controlling in and out sounds familiar at somewhere else..........yes, money matter. Provided certain income value, controlling income and outgo as more income and less outgo is the so-called healthy account. There are only income money and outgo money and the difference is kept as saving for later big use. How come I have not been able to write private detailed account book since my childhood? Keeping more income is difficult but controlling less outgo is possible, yes. Learning how to control in and out at certain quality about diet and money, I'll have healthier body and healthier private account. OK, fine, I've got a tip of one approach to healthier life......if only I could learn.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Life having unexpected guest

Was busy to exchange emails with a friend of mine staying at North San Francisco last week......Exactly saying, was busy to listen her complaints and frustration though. She lives in US following her husband relocation with their first baby, got more concern with caring her baby and doing well with Japanese madam society there. We have a common friend who used to be a powerful hard worker as a chief executive secretary in a large company but suddenly quite job few years ago and went to San Francisco Bay Area to study English and accounting. She visited my friend to stay for a week last week and this was the course of all the trouble. As my friend descried, she visited her with incredible amount of languages saying she dose not have accommodation so staying one room of a friend to anther. Offered a guest room, she commented how rich you have a guest bedroom. She proudly accounted that she often sleeps in a sleeping bag at a corner of a small kitchen of friends. She made the friend cook, wash, iron, and take out for sightseeing everyday but never really say appreciation or show her appreciation in some form such as helping housekeeping or leaving some money. All she talked were how she lost possessive and enjoyed to find cheep life. She was wearing old second-hand clothes she bought from garage sale even when the friend took her Japanese society gathering, which enraged as too embarrassing!! It’s true that life style is of her own but how made people around accept her is another skill. I'm afraid to say but from outside observer, it was really interesting war between lifestyles of a wife of elite oversee expatriate and of woman staying oversee language school too long. How could I leave my eyes from there: ) They were once friends together as young working Tokyoner women and both went to San Francisco Bay Area but developed such a completely different life skills. Too interesting. Anyway troubles happened by unexpected guest sounds somehow like event rather TV comedy show or old novels to me who live quietly in a tiny room in Tokyo….will move to larger room, is my resolution!

Friday, June 11, 2004

Yahoo! japan's diet diary

It's been bad rainy weather for a week in Tokyo....depressing
But summer is around the corner,
OK! Yahoo! Japan's the latest cool service---

Yahoo! Beauty 90 days Diet diary

this looks like a kind of Yahoo! Japan's solution of blog (or blog-type) based business..Interesting..Anyway I made mine today and see how many days I will keep writing and how I get slim this summer : )

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Littler further thought

More than one week has passed since this school girl murder but no quite evidence to convince public the course of killing of the school girl are found. What so called web comments and chats rage between them reported on early news was after all, a trivial bad language exchange among friends, all I can extract is a memory of bitter-sweet moments everybody can recall of small misunderstanding, bad word fight, stubbornness and reconciliation in our childhood.

Rather more news revealed the fact this girl had strong addiction to violent novels, cinemas and HPs. Surely she must have been influenced too much from such a fictional violence drama. otherwise why she had to commit killing her friend at school lunch time where
Impossible to hide her murder and return to her class room to cry out "not my blood" But influence is different from the cause. It’s too short to blame the violent media for effect on young. The real question is what part of her had such stroung addiction to violent fictions. What made her develop such rage and despair to the point to break the barrier between real and violent fictional world. And why she did not pay attention to hide her murder while she spent 4 days for murder planning.

As am once upon an 11 years old little girl, there is something empathetic on her feeling, though I never justify it. There is something common despair among girls that she couldn't believe her ability to change by herself whatever dark situation upon her. And rage that she was discouraged to develop such ability or never given a chance to develop. Such heart breaking ideas. Something despair and rage inside her which matched to form real shape with influence of violent fiction. I am sorry for a victim girl who was targeted by what?

By the way checking normal? web boards other than 2 channel, such as Yahoo! Japan web board and infoseek Japan web board, I was much bewildered by seemingly much rage comments there. How come they are so aggressive, selfish and lots of personal comment attacks each other in open web boards where Yahoo or Infoseek authenticates their users. It seems 2 channelers have much awareness as its component that each of them has a responsibility to run the 2-channel community. Whereas those authenticated users of Yahoo! board and Infoseek board seems much open to show personal bashings and strongly biased views. What's this?

Friday, June 04, 2004

shocked by the news and go to 2 channel

Shocking news was that 11 years girl slashed her class friend because of web comments trouble.

the following detailed news in Japanese reports that
written the word she did not like on victim's HP, this girl attacked the victim's HP by deleting her Avatar character and rewriting some contents or comments. So the victim girl replied by attack announcing "My HP got troll." "I know who was troll. But don't care. Leave it isn't it" then slashed!

too nightmare to comment yet.

I must confess that when I heard this news, the first news source I checked was 2channel, the notorious enormous Japanese web board (though I couldn't get into the site because of too much access. people thinks the same as me) The reason is simple. This is the only news source, which guarantees row and real-time information among a pile of rubbish comments, in contrast to scanned and controlled news by existing TVs and newspapers. If it was just an accident, I didn't bother to check 2 channel. But once serious incident like this case which must hide deep background reason behind and wide social influence need to be considered, I go to 2 channel to seek row information, material for considering the incident by my own thought rather than just accepting media filtered news and already interpreted comments and discussions of intellectual's. (The same spirit as blog.)

Although 2 channel's anonymity is so often accused, information and discussion written there with guarantee of anonymity has incredible multiplicity. If only being patient to follow active thread there, in a sea of kiddy rubbish comments that I just ignore, one can find secret internal information that was authenticated by anonymous people immediately and thoroughly openly and judged the truth openly. (I can also judge the quality of information following these comments.) There is also found high level information and discussion by anonymous people but obviously the owner of high intelligence. Really melting pot of any intelligence revel information is the 2 channel. All one need is a skill to ignore rubbish comments and find valuable information and fun sense to laugh anything. Although 2 channel's anonymity is accused, anonymity has an advantage that all comments are flatten. No title, no position, no name, pure content of comment is shown there. Also no debate technique is workable. Quite guaranteed place for non-arbitrary controlled information.

I'm not deep 2 channeler. But I am one of those eager for non-controlled information. Have a sort of respect to 2 channel satisfies my desire. What I consider from the information I got from 2 channel… will write later. (information is still not enough.)

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Comment box is back!

spent too thrilling hours......

Technical trouble

Ga-ga-ga ga-gaa Squawkbox, the comment box my blog uses seems to be in trouble. No comment is available. Hope they haven't lost all comments....nightmare!