Monday, May 10, 2004

Why Takato-san has to say this comment?

Bit old news..… Takato-san, a female volunteer of three kidnapped in Iraq, one who did not show up at press conference with other two on April 30, eventually made statement on last Friday via her attorney、 
"I'm sorry for making Japanese citizen worry. I will tell more in future time."
news in Japanese

I couldn't find this news in English source. Sure, this comment has no meaning.
" I'm sorry for making citizen worry" is typical ritual comment when politicians or company heads in trouble say as the first word of press conference, but not the second. Everybody knows ritual comment means nothing but it’s a kind of social protocol for mature society, not necessary to obey but a sort of social communication guideline.
If they believe in themselves having been right, not necessary to say "Sorry", but at least they should have expressed their appreciation from their hearts to anyone who worked to help them, to the government, no matter they agree or disagree the Japanese government politics. Lack of such words, they had reason that they could not be treated as hero but asked maturation of their manner and social communication ability in the words of “no sorry” or “self-responsibility”

I don’t deny that it is the dark side of Japanese that people exploded mass hysteric way of bashing three kidnapped in Iraq. A weekly magazine AERA this week named this reaction “ Japanese 2channel-ized” But at the same time I must emphasize too that behavior of those three kidnapped was showing deep problem of Japan. Increasing number of immature 30’s such that living in a small society of the same kind and unable to behave in mannerd and communication with outside their group. Trying to communicate with foreigners is OK for enlarging self-image but never fight the arena of Japan where no kiddy trick works. (see the origin of the word “OTAKU”, it's the same root.) I don’t say those international volunteers and journalists must be like saint, but I have doubt youngs who has communication ability to ONLY the same kind.