Thursday, May 13, 2004

vacation dream

News says A 56 years old fisher was wrecked and stranded on Tori-shima, a small isolated island south of Kanagawa on the night of 10th. Lucky for him this island is known as only place gooney birds lives in Japan (Gooney birds used to live everywhere but were killed for down duvet and only about 1000 left on this island) so goodney bird observation ship found and rescued him this morning.
some pic of Tori-shima and gooney birds

Wonder what this fisher was really thinking alone in a small isolated island while not sure if help comes in time or not..

Yes left alone in a small southern isolated a disaster.. but something attracting my imagination and I know not only me but many people too as it's often novelized..) It's the popular question that suppose you stay alone in a isolated island, and which 5 books do you choose for your companion?
One part of mine think OK I'll bring a bible, Buddhist scriptures, al-Qur'an, Chronicles of Japan and World myths to study philosophy of the world but guess would choose few novels and Mangas, of many short story type such as Black jack for time I am too board to think and read any more for no TV, no Internet, no game, no exciting news and no move and voice but ocean view.