Monday, May 31, 2004

Underdogs.... men?

Women over 30 with no husband and no child are underdog. What's about men?
this is interesting article.

It says that statistics shows among Japanese men and women between 18 and 49 years old, percentage of single men is 30.7%, which is higher than of single women 24%. For possible reason, a new concept of condition of ideal husband for young women introduced here is interesting.

Condition of Ideal husband for young Japanese women used to be described as 3 highs ( high education, high height and high income). Nowadays young women request not only 3 highs but also plus 3 lows (low conceit, low risk, low dependence) Yees, lady-first and self-managed are essential for modern men!!

If my memory is correct, days when 3 highs condition of ideal husband became popular was Japan’s bubble age when money was everything. Seeing 3 highs in detail, these 3 highs never ask personal quality. And apart from height, other 2 high were achievable with " work hard anyway" theory. I can now see how much 3 highs reflected "getting rich is everything" mode of these days.

Then it's 21 century now and we are still walking hard time of extension of lost 10 years.. So there comes a new concept of 3 lows for measuring men. In a new concept, two out of three is about personal quality. A sense of value like conceit level and personality like dependency level are quite essential scales for both men and women making a good match! Grad that such a personal qualities are now spotlighted.
I wonder is it too early to please that Japanese social scale comes to gain humanity ??
(I disagree with low risk bit though…)