Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Thought language study on gloomy holiday

It's the last day of Golden week holiday and is stopped raining but cold and gloomy outside. Such a lazy holiday. Words listed napkins mentioned previous post are still surviving on my table and took little time to study them and think about studying foreign language on bed.
Here listed some words from the list.
Easily can be seen that they are words mainly to describe one's action or one's status. In comparison between Japanese and English, Yes I must admit that English is richer in words to describe one's action and status. And English words often imply meaning, which in Japanese need to be descried by two or more words.
Simple example is the words like this;
In English
are verbs to describe "how" one perceives through eyes. In Japanese they are all "miru" in verb and "how" part is task of objects or adjective, which are easily, dropped off to just "miru" in ordinal conversation. "how" part is vague in Japanese. On the other hand, Japanese is sensitive of relationships between superior and inferior.  "miru" vary with "goranninaru" " haikensuru" "omenikakeru" etc. according to relationship from a speaker.

I feel like I have less storage space in my brain for words to describe one's action and status. Herder to push words in there yet easily drops off. Learning such English words are the hardest pert. Easier are metaphysical words that are mostly one-to-one relationship in translation. And when I see English expression to express relationships between superior and inferior it can be stored in my large part of storage space without difficulty. Reading and writing in English, I can manage somehow with time to look into my electronic dictionary and consider, but speaking and listening where no time for are mess. Lazy part of mine would think if these language had the same sensitive points, it would be easier to study…. Silly idea….. The fact is the difference between is what makes studying foreign language and culture interesting isn't it. Keep trying as an idiot and one day I will see my improvement. I am pessimistic about it.

But I would like to point out that Japanese English education system should concern more to train sensitive attention difference at early stage of learning. It’s ridiculous that many Japanese graduating universities with 10 years English class study go to English language school where they have to be thought elementary grammar at basic class because they can't express simple action and status of them. Such language sensitivity difference seems to be wrapped by "think in English" It's true but "how"? I think Japanese English education authority must discuss more about “how” for Japanese before they introduce earlier English class at elementary school. Otherwise no help for grown adult to gain communication in English when they want to study.