Saturday, May 01, 2004

Saturday of Golden week

Woke up this morning it was near noon and bright sunny outside. Speaker voices of May day march was echoing from a park nearby. I picked a book, dashed out of my room where late sleep heaviness remained and went to a cafe around the corner. Seated at a cafe table by window overlooking the outside sunny pavement where men and women were seldom walking with well mannered dogs, it was then my perfect reading time.

After the Lord of the Rings, one I picked out of my reading books was an American modern novel (in English off course). It's well written with good plot but vocabulary used there is different from my little English vocabulary.

Sipping a cafe and following letters on a page to get into the story but I was soon stuck by a word I don't know. Guessing and moving on, was soon stuck by another word I don't know. Then I struggle. Looking into dictionary each time disturbs my indulging in the story. But without understanding words, this small vague cloud increase, gather and become mist where I would be totally lost. Anyway my dictionary is a handy electronic dictionary which can give promptly Japanese translation word for a word I pointed letters on keyboard screen by a pencil tip. OK it’s not big deal. I looked into my electronic dictionary for a glance at Japanese translation of the word to get the meaning and my eyes came back to the lines of book to keep on reading. Several and several times tipping on the electronic dictionary, some thought arose that I didn't really studied those words for later use. I am not such a cool who can see and memorize. I am always awful of "memorize and remember". I need to take effort to make me remember something. This idea is disturbing. I stopped reading and check the (search) history of the electronic dictionary. Dumn, I hardly remembered meaning of any words. I needed restudy them. Desperately I would memo those words down on a cafe napkin for later study and went back to the story again.

But in the evening, seeing long list of words to study on cafe napkins, I sigh "what can I do with this list?" I've got piles of books I want to read. I've got to go out. I've got cook and eat and sleep etc. Day is too short to restudy anything I didn’t. Hhaaa, Most likely is I just throw them into the bin. All evidence that I saw this word and once got the meaning would be gone too. I just forget the foreign words I can't remember as if I never saw them. Such disconsolate idea I hate. Don't know what to do though. So I keep on reading books after books in English and I would meet these words again and again until I know them.