Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Ayamari Samurai

Buzz phrase in our (typical Japanese) office lately is "Ayamari Samurai", that is
Ayamari means to apologize and Samurai is Samurai.

How this phrase is used is, for example, in an office meeting discussing for some trouble.
At some point of discussion where people gave up for good solution idea, guys suddenly turns their face to younger one and says in very playful tone " You've got to be Ayamari zamurai" One chosen is younger but enough experienced to understand what he must do. He immediately reply in playful tone " OK, I would be Ayamari zamurai" then this guy make an appointment to the customer to report trouble, apologize about it and discuss alternative solution. And work continues.

No idea where this phrase comes from, could be from some Manga? Anyway I like to hear this phrase in the office. It sounds comical yet implies very message that in business there is occasion that some one has to take unpleasant role for further business regardless of any fault of them or not. Taking such business role for fight in the business war, Samurai is such a warrior who never loses his pride and self-dignity. And turning trouble to further business is a good opportunity to show his ability. Samurai spirit is still surviving.
Bit aching my heart is I’ve seen no women stuff including me has been told this phrase yet, that is as if allowed to be there but not really included in men’s world……