Tuesday, May 25, 2004

ABU ...what did Bush say?

OK, Mr. Bush is going to transit ABU GHRAIB to erase the shame of US army from the history according his May 24 speech, in which he made mispronounce ABU GHRAIB, as Japanese news source reported.

Last Sunday, I was watching the faces of young US solders who were court-martialed for committing ABU GHRAIB abuse in the evening news. They looked just young Americans as they were. I have no blame on them. As every sensitive person would think, conduct of these young US solders was a reflection of atmosphere there which implies deeper problem behind. Indeed lots excellent articles discussing the concern of Rumsfeld, CIA , Bush or whoever holding power on invasion of Iraq..
Though the very simple question I have been holding remains unclear to me so far ( quite likely that I might have missed, though.)

My question is really simple one that "Why those American solders chose such sexual abuse way against men?"

Even whatever background reason there was such atmosphere that whatever torture was allowed against Iraqi people, among lots torture techniques the world most high capable American Army have acquisition, why sexual abuse against men?? The religion abuse such as setting a dog on...,considering the character of this war, is something understandable.., though not acceptable of course.

Abuse: For Punishment And Fun? May 22 CBSNews.com was interesting article, which has some insight in characteristics of Abuse though I am afraid the discussion is rather about effect on Iraqi people side and not about on American solders psychology.

Hey, dose American Army trains sexual abuse technique for effective torture? Is American going to say that it happened that whatever the reason particular sexual deviates were placed at ABU GHRAIB? Or for American, such sexual abuse against men is popular and no longer special to matter it? Or are American…… Why I care this question is because this kind of criminal trend would definitely infect to Japan from America sooner or later... but sincerely and sincerely wish not