Monday, May 31, 2004

Underdogs.... men?

Women over 30 with no husband and no child are underdog. What's about men?
this is interesting article.

It says that statistics shows among Japanese men and women between 18 and 49 years old, percentage of single men is 30.7%, which is higher than of single women 24%. For possible reason, a new concept of condition of ideal husband for young women introduced here is interesting.

Condition of Ideal husband for young Japanese women used to be described as 3 highs ( high education, high height and high income). Nowadays young women request not only 3 highs but also plus 3 lows (low conceit, low risk, low dependence) Yees, lady-first and self-managed are essential for modern men!!

If my memory is correct, days when 3 highs condition of ideal husband became popular was Japan’s bubble age when money was everything. Seeing 3 highs in detail, these 3 highs never ask personal quality. And apart from height, other 2 high were achievable with " work hard anyway" theory. I can now see how much 3 highs reflected "getting rich is everything" mode of these days.

Then it's 21 century now and we are still walking hard time of extension of lost 10 years.. So there comes a new concept of 3 lows for measuring men. In a new concept, two out of three is about personal quality. A sense of value like conceit level and personality like dependency level are quite essential scales for both men and women making a good match! Grad that such a personal qualities are now spotlighted.
I wonder is it too early to please that Japanese social scale comes to gain humanity ??
(I disagree with low risk bit though…)

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Raiden Hongi

Finished reading ”黄金旅風”,the latest novel of Kazuichi Iijima whos's novels are mostly about people in Edo era in great depth and great historical detail. He writes them at very rare intervals. But no doubt that he is one of the best Japanese novelists of this age, though his name is not known well as high reputation against all his novels. I hear he refuses to be nominated to any literary awards because he dose not want to be disturbed his writing. As a fan psychology, I am torn between feeling pleased him being known in high-mind people only and other feeling sorry that his name is not known as should be...

Anyway I just found that used to one of his best book "Raiden hongi"
It's say Text: Japanese, Edition: Unknown Binding and Availability: Out of Print...
seems once dealt Japanese books and have given up already?

I think "Raiden hongi" is worth to be translated in English and published worldwide. The story is about "Raiden" a mighty Sumo wrestler in end of Edo era who founded modern Sumo style. Author Kazuichi Iijima means not just about Raiden himself but described people in great depth and this age in great detail. This book is the book which gave the little insight to Sumo to me who had no interested in Sumo or any fighting game at all. From this book, I gained insight that, in the era of Edo, when majority of Japanese are poor small peasants living in the fair of bad harvest and heavy tribute and epidemic, what dose means a person of big and fat body.

In modern days still in rural Shinto shrines variety of traditional events concerning Sumo wrestlers and children remains. What such events mean?
Well-minded sumo wrestlers in Edo era knew that what mean for them to bless little babies of poor families. Babies of poor parents who could not be nourished well were also week and easily died. When such baby got sick, if mother could nurse with strong belief that my baby must recover well because this baby had such a luck as blessed by Sumo Wrestler, this baby would have more chance of surviving.
"Raiden" went to countryside with his pupil to show the open practice. In a small peasant village where peasant had been suffering from years of bad harvest, heavy tribute and epidemic and lived without hope as if just waiting for death, showing Raiden's practice dose work to remind people "gut" . Next day they hunted in mountain to treat Raiden with festa. Hunting was prohibited at this era, but they don't care punishment otherwise they just waited to die of hunger.. There is a pleasure of reading tale of another people in another era in this book.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

It was fine day before rainy season today.

I am trying to organize photos of my blog from mess. "to organize" is the word I don't have in my dictionry though.

ABU ...what did Bush say?

OK, Mr. Bush is going to transit ABU GHRAIB to erase the shame of US army from the history according his May 24 speech, in which he made mispronounce ABU GHRAIB, as Japanese news source reported.

Last Sunday, I was watching the faces of young US solders who were court-martialed for committing ABU GHRAIB abuse in the evening news. They looked just young Americans as they were. I have no blame on them. As every sensitive person would think, conduct of these young US solders was a reflection of atmosphere there which implies deeper problem behind. Indeed lots excellent articles discussing the concern of Rumsfeld, CIA , Bush or whoever holding power on invasion of Iraq..
Though the very simple question I have been holding remains unclear to me so far ( quite likely that I might have missed, though.)

My question is really simple one that "Why those American solders chose such sexual abuse way against men?"

Even whatever background reason there was such atmosphere that whatever torture was allowed against Iraqi people, among lots torture techniques the world most high capable American Army have acquisition, why sexual abuse against men?? The religion abuse such as setting a dog on...,considering the character of this war, is something understandable.., though not acceptable of course.

Abuse: For Punishment And Fun? May 22 was interesting article, which has some insight in characteristics of Abuse though I am afraid the discussion is rather about effect on Iraqi people side and not about on American solders psychology.

Hey, dose American Army trains sexual abuse technique for effective torture? Is American going to say that it happened that whatever the reason particular sexual deviates were placed at ABU GHRAIB? Or for American, such sexual abuse against men is popular and no longer special to matter it? Or are American…… Why I care this question is because this kind of criminal trend would definitely infect to Japan from America sooner or later... but sincerely and sincerely wish not

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Ayamari Samurai

Buzz phrase in our (typical Japanese) office lately is "Ayamari Samurai", that is
Ayamari means to apologize and Samurai is Samurai.

How this phrase is used is, for example, in an office meeting discussing for some trouble.
At some point of discussion where people gave up for good solution idea, guys suddenly turns their face to younger one and says in very playful tone " You've got to be Ayamari zamurai" One chosen is younger but enough experienced to understand what he must do. He immediately reply in playful tone " OK, I would be Ayamari zamurai" then this guy make an appointment to the customer to report trouble, apologize about it and discuss alternative solution. And work continues.

No idea where this phrase comes from, could be from some Manga? Anyway I like to hear this phrase in the office. It sounds comical yet implies very message that in business there is occasion that some one has to take unpleasant role for further business regardless of any fault of them or not. Taking such business role for fight in the business war, Samurai is such a warrior who never loses his pride and self-dignity. And turning trouble to further business is a good opportunity to show his ability. Samurai spirit is still surviving.
Bit aching my heart is I’ve seen no women stuff including me has been told this phrase yet, that is as if allowed to be there but not really included in men’s world……

Thursday, May 13, 2004

vacation dream

News says A 56 years old fisher was wrecked and stranded on Tori-shima, a small isolated island south of Kanagawa on the night of 10th. Lucky for him this island is known as only place gooney birds lives in Japan (Gooney birds used to live everywhere but were killed for down duvet and only about 1000 left on this island) so goodney bird observation ship found and rescued him this morning.
some pic of Tori-shima and gooney birds

Wonder what this fisher was really thinking alone in a small isolated island while not sure if help comes in time or not..

Yes left alone in a small southern isolated a disaster.. but something attracting my imagination and I know not only me but many people too as it's often novelized..) It's the popular question that suppose you stay alone in a isolated island, and which 5 books do you choose for your companion?
One part of mine think OK I'll bring a bible, Buddhist scriptures, al-Qur'an, Chronicles of Japan and World myths to study philosophy of the world but guess would choose few novels and Mangas, of many short story type such as Black jack for time I am too board to think and read any more for no TV, no Internet, no game, no exciting news and no move and voice but ocean view.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004 relaunched!

Lots of new cool templates are joined for free choice!! There would be cool revenge in design from user around soon! (revenge?) And new future is enabling comments and post page so that if I've got comments enabled, then any comments associated with that post will also be on the page... It's great if I could import all my comments to this future....... What I miss still in is categorizing function, which MT seems to be set easily. Waking around blogs, I usually am happy if they have category in their blog, in which I can see if they have interesting categories to me to read at a glance, and it gives good motive to read more blog writer writing under my interesting theme among large see of blog writings. I wish to have category in my blog!

Monday, May 10, 2004

Why Takato-san has to say this comment?

Bit old news..… Takato-san, a female volunteer of three kidnapped in Iraq, one who did not show up at press conference with other two on April 30, eventually made statement on last Friday via her attorney、 
"I'm sorry for making Japanese citizen worry. I will tell more in future time."
news in Japanese

I couldn't find this news in English source. Sure, this comment has no meaning.
" I'm sorry for making citizen worry" is typical ritual comment when politicians or company heads in trouble say as the first word of press conference, but not the second. Everybody knows ritual comment means nothing but it’s a kind of social protocol for mature society, not necessary to obey but a sort of social communication guideline.
If they believe in themselves having been right, not necessary to say "Sorry", but at least they should have expressed their appreciation from their hearts to anyone who worked to help them, to the government, no matter they agree or disagree the Japanese government politics. Lack of such words, they had reason that they could not be treated as hero but asked maturation of their manner and social communication ability in the words of “no sorry” or “self-responsibility”

I don’t deny that it is the dark side of Japanese that people exploded mass hysteric way of bashing three kidnapped in Iraq. A weekly magazine AERA this week named this reaction “ Japanese 2channel-ized” But at the same time I must emphasize too that behavior of those three kidnapped was showing deep problem of Japan. Increasing number of immature 30’s such that living in a small society of the same kind and unable to behave in mannerd and communication with outside their group. Trying to communicate with foreigners is OK for enlarging self-image but never fight the arena of Japan where no kiddy trick works. (see the origin of the word “OTAKU”, it's the same root.) I don’t say those international volunteers and journalists must be like saint, but I have doubt youngs who has communication ability to ONLY the same kind.

Friday, May 07, 2004

new note PC

Been working HEARD for one and a half day looking at catalogues of note PC to choose my new work PC (if only I could get approval from bosses). My first choice is
Fujitsu BIBLO
because Fujitsu's have outstanding vivid Screens for TV and DVD watching. I see that high quality note PC screen for TV and DVD watching is the latest trend. But I never inclined to watch TV or DVD on PC at home where a TV set is. Just wonder people are really watching TV and DVD on note PC?

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Thought language study on gloomy holiday

It's the last day of Golden week holiday and is stopped raining but cold and gloomy outside. Such a lazy holiday. Words listed napkins mentioned previous post are still surviving on my table and took little time to study them and think about studying foreign language on bed.
Here listed some words from the list.
Easily can be seen that they are words mainly to describe one's action or one's status. In comparison between Japanese and English, Yes I must admit that English is richer in words to describe one's action and status. And English words often imply meaning, which in Japanese need to be descried by two or more words.
Simple example is the words like this;
In English
are verbs to describe "how" one perceives through eyes. In Japanese they are all "miru" in verb and "how" part is task of objects or adjective, which are easily, dropped off to just "miru" in ordinal conversation. "how" part is vague in Japanese. On the other hand, Japanese is sensitive of relationships between superior and inferior.  "miru" vary with "goranninaru" " haikensuru" "omenikakeru" etc. according to relationship from a speaker.

I feel like I have less storage space in my brain for words to describe one's action and status. Herder to push words in there yet easily drops off. Learning such English words are the hardest pert. Easier are metaphysical words that are mostly one-to-one relationship in translation. And when I see English expression to express relationships between superior and inferior it can be stored in my large part of storage space without difficulty. Reading and writing in English, I can manage somehow with time to look into my electronic dictionary and consider, but speaking and listening where no time for are mess. Lazy part of mine would think if these language had the same sensitive points, it would be easier to study…. Silly idea….. The fact is the difference between is what makes studying foreign language and culture interesting isn't it. Keep trying as an idiot and one day I will see my improvement. I am pessimistic about it.

But I would like to point out that Japanese English education system should concern more to train sensitive attention difference at early stage of learning. It’s ridiculous that many Japanese graduating universities with 10 years English class study go to English language school where they have to be thought elementary grammar at basic class because they can't express simple action and status of them. Such language sensitivity difference seems to be wrapped by "think in English" It's true but "how"? I think Japanese English education authority must discuss more about “how” for Japanese before they introduce earlier English class at elementary school. Otherwise no help for grown adult to gain communication in English when they want to study.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Saturday of Golden week

Woke up this morning it was near noon and bright sunny outside. Speaker voices of May day march was echoing from a park nearby. I picked a book, dashed out of my room where late sleep heaviness remained and went to a cafe around the corner. Seated at a cafe table by window overlooking the outside sunny pavement where men and women were seldom walking with well mannered dogs, it was then my perfect reading time.

After the Lord of the Rings, one I picked out of my reading books was an American modern novel (in English off course). It's well written with good plot but vocabulary used there is different from my little English vocabulary.

Sipping a cafe and following letters on a page to get into the story but I was soon stuck by a word I don't know. Guessing and moving on, was soon stuck by another word I don't know. Then I struggle. Looking into dictionary each time disturbs my indulging in the story. But without understanding words, this small vague cloud increase, gather and become mist where I would be totally lost. Anyway my dictionary is a handy electronic dictionary which can give promptly Japanese translation word for a word I pointed letters on keyboard screen by a pencil tip. OK it’s not big deal. I looked into my electronic dictionary for a glance at Japanese translation of the word to get the meaning and my eyes came back to the lines of book to keep on reading. Several and several times tipping on the electronic dictionary, some thought arose that I didn't really studied those words for later use. I am not such a cool who can see and memorize. I am always awful of "memorize and remember". I need to take effort to make me remember something. This idea is disturbing. I stopped reading and check the (search) history of the electronic dictionary. Dumn, I hardly remembered meaning of any words. I needed restudy them. Desperately I would memo those words down on a cafe napkin for later study and went back to the story again.

But in the evening, seeing long list of words to study on cafe napkins, I sigh "what can I do with this list?" I've got piles of books I want to read. I've got to go out. I've got cook and eat and sleep etc. Day is too short to restudy anything I didn’t. Hhaaa, Most likely is I just throw them into the bin. All evidence that I saw this word and once got the meaning would be gone too. I just forget the foreign words I can't remember as if I never saw them. Such disconsolate idea I hate. Don't know what to do though. So I keep on reading books after books in English and I would meet these words again and again until I know them.