Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Responsibility Fever

Since Japanese abductions in Iraq, I hear "self-responsibility" so much that could be a buzz term of this year in Japan. Indeed "self-responsibility" sounds so cool for ears of Japanese, like magical word to break through all the rigid problems They believe because of collectivity society and take them to a new marvelous society.

It's interesting to find that English news paper JapanTimes too find saying Sorry or not of two freed hostage is so important to report on headlines.

Apr 19 Freed captive not sorry he went to Iraq
Freed hostage pair sorry, admit going to Fallujah

They are quite themselves. They sound all logical. I wonder if it were NGO activists and journalists of America or any other country who abducted and freed in foreign countries, then dose newspapers of their countries matter they say "sorry" or not?? Their comments sounds responsible for their activities. 
Comparing with these two, two NGO workers, especially a woman, Takato-san out of three kidnapped before them in Iraq who apologized for causing so much trouble fail to show their confidences. Surely this is one of reasons why they attract more bashing about their responsibilities. In real life, the responsibility of failure is what losers should own. For my eyes, they look too unaccustomed to communicate with different society than where they are living. It's obvious that although they might have been proud of communicating with Iraqi locals they failed to keep their dignities in communication to other societies such that diplomats, government, mass-public, and journalism. I am not going to criticize them at all. Looking Takato-san in TV news, I am always convinced that her mother-live un-cunning feature must be loved so much by children in need of help. Why can’t let her keep her pureness?