Monday, April 12, 2004

manner, Culture or Character?

Last night, it was Kakyou-san's another DVD night with home-made Mexican food. I was enjoying there among some other nice people to watch The fellowship of the Ring again.

Good to watch again to enjoy the picture of the Fellowship of the Ring because when I watched this film on cinema two years ago I was too busy at counting Japanese caption mistakes. It was translated by Natsuko Toda, a don of English- Japanese cinema caption translator, who made captions without knowing original tale such that not just lost in translation but also making up another story out of her imagination. It was said that her skill of making caption was great but iseemed to forget what to translate between a director and audience.

After eating and drinking and watching, the room got pretty messed naturally and such occasion, my common sense tells me to help cleaning the kitchen and the room before leaving, that is cleaning up where I messed by myself or "立つ鳥後を濁さず””Tatsutori Ato wo Nigosazu". With thank for movie and food and enduring my bad English as a friend, helping cleaning before leaving was so natural definite idea to me out of all experience in my life that I can't figure if this is from cultural or gender manner or from my character, or from my character made of culture or gender. Anyway just seeing others dose not think the same way as mine gave me this wonderful surprise from encounter to the difference. It's not about which is which but just difference. Yes, it's always wonderful to me to have an encounter to a social or behavioral difference from cultural difference that cannot be described by words. No matter the size of incident, this thing can shakes my old-stiffed senses yet cannot be found by just learning language. I see bi-lingual dose not mean bi-social code and bi-behavioral code and later is more difficult because, pride, prejudice, likes-and-dislikes, misconception, and so on easily bias eyes to see just difference in this world. Without them, it was a wonderful night.