Thursday, April 15, 2004

In Memoriam

This morning I was shocked by the news of death of a novelist Megumu sagisawa on April 11 and found on 12 at her age of 35. She won some novel award at her age of 18 years old for a story she wrote in her high school days and was a fore runner of award wining young women novelist. When she won the prize, I was just a dazed and confused student living in a whole student world. Cools I knew these days were either trendy type or those who have good technique to pass exams. Suddenly she came out as a怀student who can make her sensitivity and creativity into the words in the literature form of recognizable for prize of adult. She was and is such a talented person.
Following news this afternoon says she hanged herself. The reason is beyond my guess but gossips would be around soon, haaa.
May her soul rest in peace.