Monday, April 26, 2004

Foreign Ministry charged families of kidnapped trio 2490,000 yen

in which
2,370,000 yen is for international air fare and internal airfare.and
120,000 yen is a part of a chartered airplane from Baghdad to Dubai.

Ahh, I am ashamed that the foreign ministry of my country charges them such bit by bit. Such a cheep idea to avoid attention to the amount of money the government want to charge them.

Major Japanese weekly magazine last week such as
Syuukan Shincyo
Syukan Bunsyun
whose main readers are over 40 working men are questioning for spending 2-3 billion yen of our tax to help them, Although Aera whose main readers are 30's is questioning such the question.

From the point of poor Tax payer, it is important to always watch out how our tax money is spent severely, yes. But initial bashing against them is not accoutable with this view so I'll try to come back this matter again later. Anyway, all five was saved from Iraq and people has forgotten in a week and LDP won all three by-elections last Sunday and a LDP member "Kasiwamura" remarked about them at an upper house today that
" I hear there are people who was against sending SDF to Iraq. If it really so, I must say that I have sense of strong discomfort and anti uniformity for paying billions of tax money for such anti-Japanese"

By the way, this kind of cost, for a usual travel accident, could be covered by travel insurance but am unsure if they obtained the travel insurance with a special rider that covers Iraq. As a simple ordinary citizen, what I can think is where to go and what to do there is up to individuals to choose and obtain the insurance for cost of life is the least responsibility to family behind.