Sunday, April 04, 2004

Following Yahoo! BB's 4.5 million customer data leak,
Bank of Yamaguchi, 405 customer data with loan info
ACCA Networks Co (a high-speed Internet-access wholesaler) 1.4 million customer data.
Tobu 130K customer data.
And Sutory 75K customer data leak
cases were disclosured within last few weeks.

Lately, I was snoozing at a "Protection of privacy data and human rights on the Internet" seminar organized by Internet Association Japan, where some lawyers including Yahoo! Law Department gave some talk and had discussion with Nishimura-san of 2 Channel.

Speakers were preferably giving talks about cases of mass customer data leek, that is, in most cases they were stolen by internal person by physical copy for purpose of making profit out of the data. Speakers also preferred to talk 2 channel and such web board for privacy data leek cases, where some otaku kids use as a place to show off their acquisition news including privacy data of someone indeed. Though both have been known as major problems, lining up together on this theme, how helpful to make webboad sound like dark criminal place.

The other day, I was talking to a person doing IT something in academic who was also working to establish common rule on the Internet in Japan at this “Internet Association Japan” As she talked, she thought when someone put up photos of people on one's personal website, one must ask permission to everyone in the photo for privacy sake. About news photos and journalist photos on the Internet as I pointed out, her idea was they are OK because they are professional that is different from regular people.

Like recent Tnaka family vs Bungeisyunjyu war shows there is no single definition of the privacy and human right. But it is true that someone with power has more influence upon these subjects. As a blogger, I just keep eyes upon those who is trying to RULE in internet world.

From this April, Japan's Justice Ministry changed law rules a bit to simplify these matters. In sum, if someone claimed out my blog put up something violating his/her privacy or human right, Justice office omit the pre investigation process from this April and accepts the claim without investigation for law action upon me!!!!