Friday, April 30, 2004

Ducking pensions fees.

Key ministers admit ducking pension fees.
Fukuda, Takenaka join Kan on list.

Haaa, just hope these embarrassed ministers would then work hard to straight the Japanese pension system better. Anyway they are enough rich to sustain better-retired life without support of pension money. What I do care is this would fuel young part time workers not paying pension fee. I just saw on evening TV news asking comment about this on the street of Shinbashi, a man in his late 50's maybe talked that my son says he dose not pay pension because ministers do not pay..

Even not small number of friends of mine in their 30's who still work cheep part time jobs and have no saving do not pay pension saying because pension system is crap and we are no longer guaranteed to be paid back the money we pay. Some even don't pay for national health insurance fee.

On the other hand, I and friends who pay pension fee say we know we wouldn't get as good pension back as before but we pay pension to support our parents get enough pension money for their retired life. These people often talk that " we understand we can't get good pension back because a number of young population decreases. But those who dose not pay with their will be different. In future, when those non-pension and non-saving get too old to work, they cannot expect any social help. What we would hate is some part of our small pension found is given away to help those non-pensions for the reason their number grow unignorable large."

I know I need to prepare to accept such society in near future. But I also understand people get irritated by those young people who, as the result, helps to change the Japanese society system from 90% middle class to the world divided between one to support and one to be supported. And this is the same kind of irritation toward kidnapped trio in Iraq who looks being in a category of those not paying pension and do what they want to do, that brought heir responsibility questioning.