Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Black Day

It was few weeks ago Park Yong Ha of Winter Sonata came to Tokyo for promotion from Korea and stole hearts of Japanese women. Indeed Korean Young culture is such cool.

As well know, we have

14 Feb St. Valentines Day ...a day girls give boys in mind chocolate.
14 Mar White Day............a day boys give girls some present in return.

In Korea, following Valentine day and white day, I hear there is

14 Apr Black Day............a day girls and boys who had no one to enjoy 14 Feb and Mar with wear in black and eat black noodle.

How Perfect this idea is!! How Cool!

This is what I hear in Japan. It is said that Western culture is couple culture no matter get married or not, grown men and women are supposed to have someone to date with and go out with a date. Whole society is unfriendly with singles without date therefore they are active to get date. Oh well, Black day could not be born in this kind of society. It was not born out of Japanese rampant commercialism. And was born in Korea..……V. Interesting....

BTW I wonder where to find black noodle in Tokyo?