Friday, April 16, 2004

3 kidnapped Japanese were released yet another 2 Japanese were abducted in Iraq.....

For a week, I was praying for their safety but too upset to write something in my blog. This incident was such a message "Welcome to savage garden" "We are living in one world. No way to escape from savage rule Bushism has enhanced."

Over last weekend I got e-mails originated from some NGO groups asking to sign and act to urge the government to withdraw SDF, which kidnappers required in exchange of hostages life. Their movements seemed succeed as I've seen in some media. Indeed early news of release of three kidnapped in Iraq was reporting that they were handed a statement letter from kidnappers, in which kidnappers announced that the one reasons of their release was they saw large demos of Japanese to urge to withdraw SDF with the name of Allah through media and felt support to them despite Koizumi's nonsense comment and other reason was they felt grief of families of hostages. (Watching NHK last night and this morning, this critique-the-government-too-sharp letter was mentioned in early report but soon not. See how media aid to government control.) Marching demo against to urge the government to withdraw SDF did work to release three kidnapped. Marching demo in Japan did worked to communicate with kidnappers in Iraq. Showing the mass power is the world common language indeed.

Though I didn't feel to act to urge Government to withdraw SDF for the way to express my feeling, I'm afraid to all who joined there. My reasons are clear to me.

One reason is that I didn't vote LDP at an election last autumn where SDF matter was one of major campaign issue, it was clear that if Koizumi won then SDF troops would be sent to Iraq. Then It was Koizumi who got support of majority of Japanese as the result of the democratic election. I can say no more.

Second reason is that to withdraw Japanese SDF or not is the matter of decision of Japanese based on sovereignty of Japan. This should be our decision and should not be urged by other country in exchange of someone's life. Even though Japan may look just America's puppet, being a puppet is also supposed to be decision of Japan. Surely those kidnappers do not want interference of America on their country, so do we of them.

The third reason is that I get already fed up with such dualistic theory that you support this and act this way, if you don't act, you show not support. Or everything wrong is all because of this one. Bash this one then world is fine. It looks from eyes of simple creature like me that this war has been already too complicated with a chain of mis-reasonings from such dualistic theory and no point to add another dualistic theory.
Though it is the world where I live that showing demo dose have powerful voice. And I am one of those who did nothing to help them and no idea what can I do.