Friday, April 30, 2004

Ducking pensions fees.

Key ministers admit ducking pension fees.
Fukuda, Takenaka join Kan on list.

Haaa, just hope these embarrassed ministers would then work hard to straight the Japanese pension system better. Anyway they are enough rich to sustain better-retired life without support of pension money. What I do care is this would fuel young part time workers not paying pension fee. I just saw on evening TV news asking comment about this on the street of Shinbashi, a man in his late 50's maybe talked that my son says he dose not pay pension because ministers do not pay..

Even not small number of friends of mine in their 30's who still work cheep part time jobs and have no saving do not pay pension saying because pension system is crap and we are no longer guaranteed to be paid back the money we pay. Some even don't pay for national health insurance fee.

On the other hand, I and friends who pay pension fee say we know we wouldn't get as good pension back as before but we pay pension to support our parents get enough pension money for their retired life. These people often talk that " we understand we can't get good pension back because a number of young population decreases. But those who dose not pay with their will be different. In future, when those non-pension and non-saving get too old to work, they cannot expect any social help. What we would hate is some part of our small pension found is given away to help those non-pensions for the reason their number grow unignorable large."

I know I need to prepare to accept such society in near future. But I also understand people get irritated by those young people who, as the result, helps to change the Japanese society system from 90% middle class to the world divided between one to support and one to be supported. And this is the same kind of irritation toward kidnapped trio in Iraq who looks being in a category of those not paying pension and do what they want to do, that brought heir responsibility questioning.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Foreign Ministry charged families of kidnapped trio 2490,000 yen

in which
2,370,000 yen is for international air fare and internal airfare.and
120,000 yen is a part of a chartered airplane from Baghdad to Dubai.

Ahh, I am ashamed that the foreign ministry of my country charges them such bit by bit. Such a cheep idea to avoid attention to the amount of money the government want to charge them.

Major Japanese weekly magazine last week such as
Syuukan Shincyo
Syukan Bunsyun
whose main readers are over 40 working men are questioning for spending 2-3 billion yen of our tax to help them, Although Aera whose main readers are 30's is questioning such the question.

From the point of poor Tax payer, it is important to always watch out how our tax money is spent severely, yes. But initial bashing against them is not accoutable with this view so I'll try to come back this matter again later. Anyway, all five was saved from Iraq and people has forgotten in a week and LDP won all three by-elections last Sunday and a LDP member "Kasiwamura" remarked about them at an upper house today that
" I hear there are people who was against sending SDF to Iraq. If it really so, I must say that I have sense of strong discomfort and anti uniformity for paying billions of tax money for such anti-Japanese"

By the way, this kind of cost, for a usual travel accident, could be covered by travel insurance but am unsure if they obtained the travel insurance with a special rider that covers Iraq. As a simple ordinary citizen, what I can think is where to go and what to do there is up to individuals to choose and obtain the insurance for cost of life is the least responsibility to family behind.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Responsibility Fever

Since Japanese abductions in Iraq, I hear "self-responsibility" so much that could be a buzz term of this year in Japan. Indeed "self-responsibility" sounds so cool for ears of Japanese, like magical word to break through all the rigid problems They believe because of collectivity society and take them to a new marvelous society.

It's interesting to find that English news paper JapanTimes too find saying Sorry or not of two freed hostage is so important to report on headlines.

Apr 19 Freed captive not sorry he went to Iraq
Freed hostage pair sorry, admit going to Fallujah

They are quite themselves. They sound all logical. I wonder if it were NGO activists and journalists of America or any other country who abducted and freed in foreign countries, then dose newspapers of their countries matter they say "sorry" or not?? Their comments sounds responsible for their activities. 
Comparing with these two, two NGO workers, especially a woman, Takato-san out of three kidnapped before them in Iraq who apologized for causing so much trouble fail to show their confidences. Surely this is one of reasons why they attract more bashing about their responsibilities. In real life, the responsibility of failure is what losers should own. For my eyes, they look too unaccustomed to communicate with different society than where they are living. It's obvious that although they might have been proud of communicating with Iraqi locals they failed to keep their dignities in communication to other societies such that diplomats, government, mass-public, and journalism. I am not going to criticize them at all. Looking Takato-san in TV news, I am always convinced that her mother-live un-cunning feature must be loved so much by children in need of help. Why can’t let her keep her pureness?

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Now 2 Japanese abducted in Iraq were released

Great relief. Then the Japanese cabinets who could show no obvious success to help them have given comments in the way to question their responsibilities in the country where the government tried to ban to go. But what is the personal responsibility for working in Iraq? Dose it mean to equip with enough money to buy information and hire guards the same level as the government stuffs and those sent from large organizations?
Also with what privilege can the government cabinets ask responsibility of those NGO workers and journalists who dear to work in Iraq where mess was brought by the intention of so-called the major countries? In my theory treating a less-power under level in the structure is the very classic logic for one to preserve existing power position but no longer work today, I hope, I really hope.

Friday, April 16, 2004

3 kidnapped Japanese were released yet another 2 Japanese were abducted in Iraq.....

For a week, I was praying for their safety but too upset to write something in my blog. This incident was such a message "Welcome to savage garden" "We are living in one world. No way to escape from savage rule Bushism has enhanced."

Over last weekend I got e-mails originated from some NGO groups asking to sign and act to urge the government to withdraw SDF, which kidnappers required in exchange of hostages life. Their movements seemed succeed as I've seen in some media. Indeed early news of release of three kidnapped in Iraq was reporting that they were handed a statement letter from kidnappers, in which kidnappers announced that the one reasons of their release was they saw large demos of Japanese to urge to withdraw SDF with the name of Allah through media and felt support to them despite Koizumi's nonsense comment and other reason was they felt grief of families of hostages. (Watching NHK last night and this morning, this critique-the-government-too-sharp letter was mentioned in early report but soon not. See how media aid to government control.) Marching demo against to urge the government to withdraw SDF did work to release three kidnapped. Marching demo in Japan did worked to communicate with kidnappers in Iraq. Showing the mass power is the world common language indeed.

Though I didn't feel to act to urge Government to withdraw SDF for the way to express my feeling, I'm afraid to all who joined there. My reasons are clear to me.

One reason is that I didn't vote LDP at an election last autumn where SDF matter was one of major campaign issue, it was clear that if Koizumi won then SDF troops would be sent to Iraq. Then It was Koizumi who got support of majority of Japanese as the result of the democratic election. I can say no more.

Second reason is that to withdraw Japanese SDF or not is the matter of decision of Japanese based on sovereignty of Japan. This should be our decision and should not be urged by other country in exchange of someone's life. Even though Japan may look just America's puppet, being a puppet is also supposed to be decision of Japan. Surely those kidnappers do not want interference of America on their country, so do we of them.

The third reason is that I get already fed up with such dualistic theory that you support this and act this way, if you don't act, you show not support. Or everything wrong is all because of this one. Bash this one then world is fine. It looks from eyes of simple creature like me that this war has been already too complicated with a chain of mis-reasonings from such dualistic theory and no point to add another dualistic theory.
Though it is the world where I live that showing demo dose have powerful voice. And I am one of those who did nothing to help them and no idea what can I do.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

In Memoriam

This morning I was shocked by the news of death of a novelist Megumu sagisawa on April 11 and found on 12 at her age of 35. She won some novel award at her age of 18 years old for a story she wrote in her high school days and was a fore runner of award wining young women novelist. When she won the prize, I was just a dazed and confused student living in a whole student world. Cools I knew these days were either trendy type or those who have good technique to pass exams. Suddenly she came out as a student who can make her sensitivity and creativity into the words in the literature form of recognizable for prize of adult. She was and is such a talented person.
Following news this afternoon says she hanged herself. The reason is beyond my guess but gossips would be around soon, haaa.
May her soul rest in peace.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Black Day

It was few weeks ago Park Yong Ha of Winter Sonata came to Tokyo for promotion from Korea and stole hearts of Japanese women. Indeed Korean Young culture is such cool.

As well know, we have

14 Feb St. Valentines Day ...a day girls give boys in mind chocolate.
14 Mar White Day............a day boys give girls some present in return.

In Korea, following Valentine day and white day, I hear there is

14 Apr Black Day............a day girls and boys who had no one to enjoy 14 Feb and Mar with wear in black and eat black noodle.

How Perfect this idea is!! How Cool!

This is what I hear in Japan. It is said that Western culture is couple culture no matter get married or not, grown men and women are supposed to have someone to date with and go out with a date. Whole society is unfriendly with singles without date therefore they are active to get date. Oh well, Black day could not be born in this kind of society. It was not born out of Japanese rampant commercialism. And was born in Korea..……V. Interesting....

BTW I wonder where to find black noodle in Tokyo?

Monday, April 12, 2004

manner, Culture or Character?

Last night, it was Kakyou-san's another DVD night with home-made Mexican food. I was enjoying there among some other nice people to watch The fellowship of the Ring again.

Good to watch again to enjoy the picture of the Fellowship of the Ring because when I watched this film on cinema two years ago I was too busy at counting Japanese caption mistakes. It was translated by Natsuko Toda, a don of English- Japanese cinema caption translator, who made captions without knowing original tale such that not just lost in translation but also making up another story out of her imagination. It was said that her skill of making caption was great but iseemed to forget what to translate between a director and audience.

After eating and drinking and watching, the room got pretty messed naturally and such occasion, my common sense tells me to help cleaning the kitchen and the room before leaving, that is cleaning up where I messed by myself or "立つ鳥後を濁さず””Tatsutori Ato wo Nigosazu". With thank for movie and food and enduring my bad English as a friend, helping cleaning before leaving was so natural definite idea to me out of all experience in my life that I can't figure if this is from cultural or gender manner or from my character, or from my character made of culture or gender. Anyway just seeing others dose not think the same way as mine gave me this wonderful surprise from encounter to the difference. It's not about which is which but just difference. Yes, it's always wonderful to me to have an encounter to a social or behavioral difference from cultural difference that cannot be described by words. No matter the size of incident, this thing can shakes my old-stiffed senses yet cannot be found by just learning language. I see bi-lingual dose not mean bi-social code and bi-behavioral code and later is more difficult because, pride, prejudice, likes-and-dislikes, misconception, and so on easily bias eyes to see just difference in this world. Without them, it was a wonderful night.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Spirit the land Rover is running to explore on the surface of Mars.
In Tokyo, we have an opportunity to explore underground world again!

Tokyo GEO-SITE PROJECT will be back again on
April 23 (Fri) 13:00 - 16:00
April 24 (Sat) 10:00 - 14:00
at in front of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology at Toranomon crossing. It's free and no reservation. Just go and explore!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Full bloom fete and After

This sakura is not the one I was struggle to show here but no success (Can’t understand, just following the same steps, what was wrong with other photo.) but this one too was taken last Thursday and still has some scent that, in literature and poem, sakura in full bloom has an affinity for lunacy. Anyway it life is so short.
After rain over Sunday, fete is over.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Following Yahoo! BB's 4.5 million customer data leak,
Bank of Yamaguchi, 405 customer data with loan info
ACCA Networks Co (a high-speed Internet-access wholesaler) 1.4 million customer data.
Tobu 130K customer data.
And Sutory 75K customer data leak
cases were disclosured within last few weeks.

Lately, I was snoozing at a "Protection of privacy data and human rights on the Internet" seminar organized by Internet Association Japan, where some lawyers including Yahoo! Law Department gave some talk and had discussion with Nishimura-san of 2 Channel.

Speakers were preferably giving talks about cases of mass customer data leek, that is, in most cases they were stolen by internal person by physical copy for purpose of making profit out of the data. Speakers also preferred to talk 2 channel and such web board for privacy data leek cases, where some otaku kids use as a place to show off their acquisition news including privacy data of someone indeed. Though both have been known as major problems, lining up together on this theme, how helpful to make webboad sound like dark criminal place.

The other day, I was talking to a person doing IT something in academic who was also working to establish common rule on the Internet in Japan at this “Internet Association Japan” As she talked, she thought when someone put up photos of people on one's personal website, one must ask permission to everyone in the photo for privacy sake. About news photos and journalist photos on the Internet as I pointed out, her idea was they are OK because they are professional that is different from regular people.

Like recent Tnaka family vs Bungeisyunjyu war shows there is no single definition of the privacy and human right. But it is true that someone with power has more influence upon these subjects. As a blogger, I just keep eyes upon those who is trying to RULE in internet world.

From this April, Japan's Justice Ministry changed law rules a bit to simplify these matters. In sum, if someone claimed out my blog put up something violating his/her privacy or human right, Justice office omit the pre investigation process from this April and accepts the claim without investigation for law action upon me!!!!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Yahoo! Babbling

Oh! now baby Babbling is translatable in Japanese here! And vice versa......But somehow showing good example of difference between tlanslation
and ccommunication.