Friday, March 19, 2004

tax return mess is over!

Received my final TAX return confirmation from a local Tax office, for which I mailed tax return last minutes to the March 15 deadline for filing tax of last year. Annual tax calculation mess is over!!!!

My tax return is for mortgage-interest tax deduction and all the cost concern to my properties and it's such a good amount that I can pay this year's property taxes of them from this tax return.....(an example of money circulation to see only a bank between gain fat by charges...)

The reason that brought me to buy these investment apartments last few years is of course Japan's national pension crisis we are facing. Longer life and less children, my generation is supposed not to be able to have enough pension pay back to maintain certain quality of life as my parents get currently. And very thankfully my kind women...women in certain age with no kid are often accused as the one of causes, for not producing work bees.….. No matter I agree with or not, I am happy with or not, I like or not, I have my opinion or not, there is clear and present national pension crisis and either pension drops down or tax is risen, the last choice of mine is just setting back at a chair and watching the pension dropping down and cursing the government.

In circumstance of low Tokyo property price and Japan's low mortgage-interests property investment is one of my second best choice against and seems going well. Interesting about buying small studio-type apartment is, against kvetchy categorizer myth that property agency and bank is not friendly to women, it's much easier for women to get housing loans of small apartment from bank than men. Not all Japanese major banks give housing loans for apartment smaller than 40 m2 as not suitable for family residence and even some which lends, if healthy men in his 30's working in listed company asked housing loan for a small studio-type apartment as his residence, they hardly believe him, yet they believe my asking housing loans for a small studio-type apartment as I make up story that I want my permanent residence because I may not be able to marry and my brother get marry and live with parents house and so on.
Whatever the technique used to get, housing loans has two advantage that one is low interest and the other is they can get me covered life insurance so that when I die, remains of my loan are paid by life insurances, that is no worry to leave someone my debts.

By the way the first best is of course to 1) win lottery 2) make great success in my career, 3) get marry with a rich man (men)....though I have not yet given up.......just let see.........maybe.....…..