Thursday, March 11, 2004


Sitting back deep in a seat of Nozomi shinkansen, bullet train, last night on return way from another day-return business trip to far down Kansai in two weeks, anyway March is busy season even to me the lazy as the end of accounting year in most Japanese company, that is only season I pretend to work, my whole body was thinking that no longer would be deceived into feeling relaxed by small bath tub in my small flat, let's go to Sento (Public bath house) and sink into the good hot water there. As Nozomi passing by Odawara, a popular spa area, my thought thought of many spas there must be outside the train windows and joined my body’s thinking and began to indulge in memory of good spas, rocky, wooden, sandy, by river, by sea, white water, brown water, thick water etc, I have enjoyed in my life so far…...

So back to home, I just let my hands pack soap, shampoo, body washing towel and bath towel into a bag and let my feet walk to a local Sento.

I can't remember when was the last time I went to Sento. Such a long years I have not gone there. Anyway having a bath in own apartment, 400 yen for just taking a bath is not cheep and no reason I have to. But why didn't I remember how wonderful pleasure it is to have relaxed at public bath so long? It’s worth 400 yen when my body is really tired.

Sinking into bubbling hot water (it has bubble bath and jet bath too) in a such large bath tub that I can lean my head at an edge of one transversal side and place my toes at the step of other side to enjoy floating in bubbly water was really gorgeous relaxing. The bathing room (even a women's) was bigger than my entire flat with vault high ceiling of higher than 2 frights yet few people was in there. It was just heaven! heaven! heaven! All the tense run off and chorus of heaven from my body and my thought! Only problem was I had to force my body to leave from heavenly bathing before getting too dizzy. But challenging the limitation is OK as this please is inclusive of drinking bottled milk at changing room after the bath and get cool down. After all are done, my body seemed satisfied at last and I could have a good deep sleep without dream last night.