Monday, March 22, 2004

My brother's wedding!

My brother had his wedding at March 20. It was cold and rainy day...not such a day people say " how beautiful day you deserve for your wedding isn't it!'. And unfortunately fortunately, I did neither get ill, get accident nor target of Tokyo terrorism, so I made it!

Wedding industry is really one of industries which shows very Japanese talent of imagination power, and success by offering rich selection of wedding and wedding party menus to satisfy "our original style wedding" for Tokyo couples... They are so good that I cannot see the difference between Industrial wedding parties and cosplay for otaku or gothic fashion of young Harajuku-people. They are all saying "our original" "expressing our identities" whatever yet just copying some style offered by commercial industries. ( It's just cultural comment. I merry them of course.)

Anyway my brother and his wife's chose to show wedding ceremony of their style was
"a chapel made of glass and stand at seaside, inside which is lit with candles."
Good ceremony place, no religion, just merry them. Thanks to Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel!

Followed by was the weeding party at banquet room. The banquet house is built next to the chapel and has gorgeous entrance, in front of which is grand stairs from where the bride throws her bouquet and both side are banquet rooms and another small door to the kitchen. Perfectly well purposed build building!

Telling from bottom of my heart, I am really thanking his new wife choose my little brother for her partner. When we were little kids, at some family event my family and relative's family's gather up, my little brother spoke something stupid and I and my sister instantly shot bullets of words "shut up little goof". My mother used to sigh and aunts and uncles used to laugh and say "You must find a woman who can cope with your sisters for your wife in future." And he really found the one. Dear merry him and his new wife. She has an elder sister (who is unmarried) and we of course became good friend instantly.

I think (hope) this is the first and last occasion I've got to clad up this way because my sister claiming (at the moment) not to marry with her boyfriend to show her disagree with the national low that dose not allow married couples to use different surnames. Kimono design is supposed to choose little earlier than season so I chosen Sakura but this year sakura had bloomed already as the second earliest since recorded! I could not make littler earlier.
I'm tired.......................