Monday, March 08, 2004

lost and lost in trap.

Some discussion? Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation" brought up such as “resist film” or “insults Japanese” gave good remind me a trap these speakers fall in.

It's simple that these voices "racist" says we are poor victim of racism. "Insult Japanese" by Japanese women in NY says I am a poor victim of insult. For such people having excuse to feel themselves victim of evil discrimination against gender, age, race or any social system, it's so easy to indulge in self-pitiness. Anyway people prefer to think as being victim, hurt being, rather than being cruel bully who hurt someone. But once trapped deeply there it goes like we are poor victim of some evil power, we are right because we are poor victim therefore we have right to accuse someone who possess evil power on them and we are right to clam “racism” or “insult”.

Unfortunately these people totally fail to realize that there are real and equally sensible human beings at the point of their words. Their words have sharp blade side against those people and outside their victimist world. No matter they are really hurt or not, once they use such strong words, it dose hurt someone by cruel fierce power their words posses.

For instance people who claims "racist" obviously lack the balanced imagination of how someone who was accused "racist" would feel by their words. Who is happy to hear such strong word like "racist"? Or dose they really mean to see this one they think enemy totally hurt and beaten and run away as guilt of hurting them? This lack of the balanced view just proof, no matter they are right or not, them are not worth listening and discussing. Whatever they say just rings in the trap they trapped and dose not sounds outside real world. They still might get sympathy and pitiness, but no real understanding and happy communication. I don’t think this is what they want. But it’s their job to realize what trap they are trapped and what the strategy they need to make their desired results.

It's sad to me to make this comment. Being bi-lingual and bi-culture and living and working in a country like US is a kind of dream for ordinary Japanese. My mom always scolded me "Study English hard and you will get desired future" billion times more than other subjects like Japanese or Math. Nowadays many Japanese parents are keen to give their kids early English education. Rich Japanese parents are eager to send their kids to International schools in Japan. And these speakers who seems granted such dream show no hesitation to expose their trapped small views. This is really irony.