Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Japanese Blog enters new generation

It was true that Weblog is far from popular in Japan. Most of people I daily speak have very poor recognition of blog. And I hates myself expressing like weblog is a sort of web diary and personal journalism very popular in America etc, which makes me sound like a western worshiper who always says America dose thing...Anyway there was not good Japanese weblog tool which can appeal to non internet freaks.

Now NEC's Biglobe has developed and started new weblog service called " WebryBlog" They also developed their original trackback called "Boomerang comment"
and a sort of content dictionary called "Theme Rader"and gonna to offer RSS service too soon. For the Biglobe BB members, 100MB free disk space is offered, for other Biglobe internet provider members is 50MB and for Biglobe content members is 1MB. Well-packed service like I am using.

They plan to promote a million members this year....means almost one present of Japanese population is going to start blog..……

Anyway it's all in a hand of Japanized-ism. I am sure everything will turn out just too NEAT. but no longer has a scent of something I draw to the blogging.