Friday, March 26, 2004


is a newly reopened bakery cafe at 3rd foor of Foret Harajuku (Laforet Harajuku Annex)

After auxbacchanales Harajuku (was some blocks away along Meiji street from INCU) was closed last year, bakery plus some good food type cafe of not posh is somehting I am missing.
Anyway it's a friend of mine who is running this cafe and knowing personally how heard she has been working for, I just support this cafe.

At renewal party
she was wearing INCU original design kimono!!!!
INCU art.

Tokyo-base Capoeira dance group was showing exciting dance.
After mid night was goody old music dance time by DJ Konishi of Pizzicate Five. Their music is old pop but sounds very warm after all the music experience.