Monday, March 01, 2004

G O S P E L singin'

Listend live gospel first time at 5th ANNIVERSARY GOSPEL CONCERT of ANOINTED・MASS・CHOIR at Nakano SunPlaza last Sunday. It was that a friend of friend was singing on the stage there and we bought tickets of his sales quota. But was good to watch and listen each of over 150 people on stage enjoyed singing with all his and her senses.

ANOINTED MASS CHOIR is a nonprofit & nonreligional amateur gospel-singing society based on Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Within 5 years of its foundation, has grown to about 1000 members yet looks well organized. Incredibly excellent organization management!!!!! Seeing their message "meet Accidentally and am here inevitably" so let's enjoy singing this moment! I could see no wonder. They are matures.