Thursday, March 04, 2004


Had a rare business trip to Fukuchiyama, middle of deep mountains in Hyogo, Kansai. Seated at a local express train from Kyoto watching outside on a way, soon realized more and more houses are of Japanese style with traditional roofing tiles and less and less houses are of modern style with colorful flat roofing, which is dominance at Tokyo suburb towns. As trains went on, towns passed by became smaller and smaller and at some point where small number of modern roofing houses are among majority of Japanese roofing tile's houses in a small town, I realized my eyes were perceiving that Japanese roofing houses as beautiful and modern roofing as deadly ugly. Off course I say "I like traditional Japanese house", that is, as the result of drawing on all my knowledge about history, culture, architect, nature, trend etc.., I mean " I know it worth to say I like it" and dose not meant to live in old house and spend my hours cleaning and keeping old house. On the other hand, looking at a view in front of my eyes vaguely and spotting beauty and ugly in houses in my sight, I can't think I was making such calculation. But really not?? Else what make me perceive this way?? Sure not just about individual factors such as colour, material, purpose etc. but what then?? I was thinking about this matter in my return way, Mmm interesting riddle.