Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Blood and Bone

Following to "Through the Night", another story of a "second-generation Korean in Japan" novelist Yang Sogiru will be cinematized. This time it's Yamamoto-Syugoro prize wining novel, "Blood and bone" and will be staring with (beat) Takeshi Kitano and Kyoka Suzuki.

The story is about author’s father, a biography of the first generation of Korean in Japan before and after the war if said in neat words, well more become this novel is, an existence of man of terrible mighty presence of terrible mighty ego, of such a violent being. It has such strong realism that I felt I almost could smell an odor of this man while reading. (Beat) Takeshi Kitano playing this man means NO worry that the odor is weaken. Good God.

The title is after an old Korean song that "I got the bone from my father, and the flesh from my mother…..."