Monday, March 29, 2004

sakura in my town in Tokyo is not yet full bloom

sunny yesterday. But I just can'T wait.

Friday, March 26, 2004


is a newly reopened bakery cafe at 3rd foor of Foret Harajuku (Laforet Harajuku Annex)

After auxbacchanales Harajuku (was some blocks away along Meiji street from INCU) was closed last year, bakery plus some good food type cafe of not posh is somehting I am missing.
Anyway it's a friend of mine who is running this cafe and knowing personally how heard she has been working for, I just support this cafe.

At renewal party
she was wearing INCU original design kimono!!!!
INCU art.

Tokyo-base Capoeira dance group was showing exciting dance.
After mid night was goody old music dance time by DJ Konishi of Pizzicate Five. Their music is old pop but sounds very warm after all the music experience.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Japanese Blog enters new generation

It was true that Weblog is far from popular in Japan. Most of people I daily speak have very poor recognition of blog. And I hates myself expressing like weblog is a sort of web diary and personal journalism very popular in America etc, which makes me sound like a western worshiper who always says America dose thing...Anyway there was not good Japanese weblog tool which can appeal to non internet freaks.

Now NEC's Biglobe has developed and started new weblog service called " WebryBlog" They also developed their original trackback called "Boomerang comment"
and a sort of content dictionary called "Theme Rader"and gonna to offer RSS service too soon. For the Biglobe BB members, 100MB free disk space is offered, for other Biglobe internet provider members is 50MB and for Biglobe content members is 1MB. Well-packed service like I am using.

They plan to promote a million members this year....means almost one present of Japanese population is going to start blog..……

Anyway it's all in a hand of Japanized-ism. I am sure everything will turn out just too NEAT. but no longer has a scent of something I draw to the blogging.

Monday, March 22, 2004

My brother's wedding!

My brother had his wedding at March 20. It was cold and rainy day...not such a day people say " how beautiful day you deserve for your wedding isn't it!'. And unfortunately fortunately, I did neither get ill, get accident nor target of Tokyo terrorism, so I made it!

Wedding industry is really one of industries which shows very Japanese talent of imagination power, and success by offering rich selection of wedding and wedding party menus to satisfy "our original style wedding" for Tokyo couples... They are so good that I cannot see the difference between Industrial wedding parties and cosplay for otaku or gothic fashion of young Harajuku-people. They are all saying "our original" "expressing our identities" whatever yet just copying some style offered by commercial industries. ( It's just cultural comment. I merry them of course.)

Anyway my brother and his wife's chose to show wedding ceremony of their style was
"a chapel made of glass and stand at seaside, inside which is lit with candles."
Good ceremony place, no religion, just merry them. Thanks to Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel!

Followed by was the weeding party at banquet room. The banquet house is built next to the chapel and has gorgeous entrance, in front of which is grand stairs from where the bride throws her bouquet and both side are banquet rooms and another small door to the kitchen. Perfectly well purposed build building!

Telling from bottom of my heart, I am really thanking his new wife choose my little brother for her partner. When we were little kids, at some family event my family and relative's family's gather up, my little brother spoke something stupid and I and my sister instantly shot bullets of words "shut up little goof". My mother used to sigh and aunts and uncles used to laugh and say "You must find a woman who can cope with your sisters for your wife in future." And he really found the one. Dear merry him and his new wife. She has an elder sister (who is unmarried) and we of course became good friend instantly.

I think (hope) this is the first and last occasion I've got to clad up this way because my sister claiming (at the moment) not to marry with her boyfriend to show her disagree with the national low that dose not allow married couples to use different surnames. Kimono design is supposed to choose little earlier than season so I chosen Sakura but this year sakura had bloomed already as the second earliest since recorded! I could not make littler earlier.
I'm tired.......................

Friday, March 19, 2004

tax return mess is over!

Received my final TAX return confirmation from a local Tax office, for which I mailed tax return last minutes to the March 15 deadline for filing tax of last year. Annual tax calculation mess is over!!!!

My tax return is for mortgage-interest tax deduction and all the cost concern to my properties and it's such a good amount that I can pay this year's property taxes of them from this tax return.....(an example of money circulation to see only a bank between gain fat by charges...)

The reason that brought me to buy these investment apartments last few years is of course Japan's national pension crisis we are facing. Longer life and less children, my generation is supposed not to be able to have enough pension pay back to maintain certain quality of life as my parents get currently. And very thankfully my kind women...women in certain age with no kid are often accused as the one of causes, for not producing work bees.….. No matter I agree with or not, I am happy with or not, I like or not, I have my opinion or not, there is clear and present national pension crisis and either pension drops down or tax is risen, the last choice of mine is just setting back at a chair and watching the pension dropping down and cursing the government.

In circumstance of low Tokyo property price and Japan's low mortgage-interests property investment is one of my second best choice against and seems going well. Interesting about buying small studio-type apartment is, against kvetchy categorizer myth that property agency and bank is not friendly to women, it's much easier for women to get housing loans of small apartment from bank than men. Not all Japanese major banks give housing loans for apartment smaller than 40 m2 as not suitable for family residence and even some which lends, if healthy men in his 30's working in listed company asked housing loan for a small studio-type apartment as his residence, they hardly believe him, yet they believe my asking housing loans for a small studio-type apartment as I make up story that I want my permanent residence because I may not be able to marry and my brother get marry and live with parents house and so on.
Whatever the technique used to get, housing loans has two advantage that one is low interest and the other is they can get me covered life insurance so that when I die, remains of my loan are paid by life insurances, that is no worry to leave someone my debts.

By the way the first best is of course to 1) win lottery 2) make great success in my career, 3) get marry with a rich man (men)....though I have not yet given up.......just let see.........maybe.....…..

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

A rabbit crazy

This is how my sister gose out to ski with her rabbit. Crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Blood and Bone

Following to "Through the Night", another story of a "second-generation Korean in Japan" novelist Yang Sogiru will be cinematized. This time it's Yamamoto-Syugoro prize wining novel, "Blood and bone" and will be staring with (beat) Takeshi Kitano and Kyoka Suzuki.

The story is about author’s father, a biography of the first generation of Korean in Japan before and after the war if said in neat words, well more become this novel is, an existence of man of terrible mighty presence of terrible mighty ego, of such a violent being. It has such strong realism that I felt I almost could smell an odor of this man while reading. (Beat) Takeshi Kitano playing this man means NO worry that the odor is weaken. Good God.

The title is after an old Korean song that "I got the bone from my father, and the flesh from my mother…..."

Monday, March 15, 2004

Commnet Box!

I am stuck at my comment box using in this blog. Though my "stuck" means that my sense tells it has got to sort out in high priority but my will is reluctant to manage to spare time and make a practical plan to what to do. This word "commnet box" is reeling near surface of my forehead scalp but seems can not get into right nervous synapse to address right organs.

I know what I want to do is Simply to switch my comment box from I am currently using to another and hopefully I want to save and shift all precious comments I got so far to the new comment box. In terms of design and usability and security I would like to look for another easy to use one. One I am thinking is comment this. But let see and test how it works……Ahh… address go and stuck in some wrong circuit and dose not reach to the right place……………so maybe tomorrow………

Nothing related to this topic. but pics taken at an old neglected temple....

Thursday, March 11, 2004


Sitting back deep in a seat of Nozomi shinkansen, bullet train, last night on return way from another day-return business trip to far down Kansai in two weeks, anyway March is busy season even to me the lazy as the end of accounting year in most Japanese company, that is only season I pretend to work, my whole body was thinking that no longer would be deceived into feeling relaxed by small bath tub in my small flat, let's go to Sento (Public bath house) and sink into the good hot water there. As Nozomi passing by Odawara, a popular spa area, my thought thought of many spas there must be outside the train windows and joined my body’s thinking and began to indulge in memory of good spas, rocky, wooden, sandy, by river, by sea, white water, brown water, thick water etc, I have enjoyed in my life so far…...

So back to home, I just let my hands pack soap, shampoo, body washing towel and bath towel into a bag and let my feet walk to a local Sento.

I can't remember when was the last time I went to Sento. Such a long years I have not gone there. Anyway having a bath in own apartment, 400 yen for just taking a bath is not cheep and no reason I have to. But why didn't I remember how wonderful pleasure it is to have relaxed at public bath so long? It’s worth 400 yen when my body is really tired.

Sinking into bubbling hot water (it has bubble bath and jet bath too) in a such large bath tub that I can lean my head at an edge of one transversal side and place my toes at the step of other side to enjoy floating in bubbly water was really gorgeous relaxing. The bathing room (even a women's) was bigger than my entire flat with vault high ceiling of higher than 2 frights yet few people was in there. It was just heaven! heaven! heaven! All the tense run off and chorus of heaven from my body and my thought! Only problem was I had to force my body to leave from heavenly bathing before getting too dizzy. But challenging the limitation is OK as this please is inclusive of drinking bottled milk at changing room after the bath and get cool down. After all are done, my body seemed satisfied at last and I could have a good deep sleep without dream last night.

Monday, March 08, 2004

lost and lost in trap.

Some discussion? Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation" brought up such as “resist film” or “insults Japanese” gave good remind me a trap these speakers fall in.

It's simple that these voices "racist" says we are poor victim of racism. "Insult Japanese" by Japanese women in NY says I am a poor victim of insult. For such people having excuse to feel themselves victim of evil discrimination against gender, age, race or any social system, it's so easy to indulge in self-pitiness. Anyway people prefer to think as being victim, hurt being, rather than being cruel bully who hurt someone. But once trapped deeply there it goes like we are poor victim of some evil power, we are right because we are poor victim therefore we have right to accuse someone who possess evil power on them and we are right to clam “racism” or “insult”.

Unfortunately these people totally fail to realize that there are real and equally sensible human beings at the point of their words. Their words have sharp blade side against those people and outside their victimist world. No matter they are really hurt or not, once they use such strong words, it dose hurt someone by cruel fierce power their words posses.

For instance people who claims "racist" obviously lack the balanced imagination of how someone who was accused "racist" would feel by their words. Who is happy to hear such strong word like "racist"? Or dose they really mean to see this one they think enemy totally hurt and beaten and run away as guilt of hurting them? This lack of the balanced view just proof, no matter they are right or not, them are not worth listening and discussing. Whatever they say just rings in the trap they trapped and dose not sounds outside real world. They still might get sympathy and pitiness, but no real understanding and happy communication. I don’t think this is what they want. But it’s their job to realize what trap they are trapped and what the strategy they need to make their desired results.

It's sad to me to make this comment. Being bi-lingual and bi-culture and living and working in a country like US is a kind of dream for ordinary Japanese. My mom always scolded me "Study English hard and you will get desired future" billion times more than other subjects like Japanese or Math. Nowadays many Japanese parents are keen to give their kids early English education. Rich Japanese parents are eager to send their kids to International schools in Japan. And these speakers who seems granted such dream show no hesitation to expose their trapped small views. This is really irony.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Near future?

Standing at IIKURA Junction, between Roppongi and Tokyo tower, and looking over both side of Sakurada-street, I always fell that the view looks exactly what I imagine as near future view of 60's and 70's. The time when the word near future has something meaning,,,something either expectation of evolutionary life or after nuclear war doom... It's interesting that “near feature” is general term yet nobody uses this word nowadays. In private, thinking how I, thirty-something singleton, will be 10 years later of near feature................NIGHTMARE........................

Thursday, March 04, 2004


Had a rare business trip to Fukuchiyama, middle of deep mountains in Hyogo, Kansai. Seated at a local express train from Kyoto watching outside on a way, soon realized more and more houses are of Japanese style with traditional roofing tiles and less and less houses are of modern style with colorful flat roofing, which is dominance at Tokyo suburb towns. As trains went on, towns passed by became smaller and smaller and at some point where small number of modern roofing houses are among majority of Japanese roofing tile's houses in a small town, I realized my eyes were perceiving that Japanese roofing houses as beautiful and modern roofing as deadly ugly. Off course I say "I like traditional Japanese house", that is, as the result of drawing on all my knowledge about history, culture, architect, nature, trend etc.., I mean " I know it worth to say I like it" and dose not meant to live in old house and spend my hours cleaning and keeping old house. On the other hand, looking at a view in front of my eyes vaguely and spotting beauty and ugly in houses in my sight, I can't think I was making such calculation. But really not?? Else what make me perceive this way?? Sure not just about individual factors such as colour, material, purpose etc. but what then?? I was thinking about this matter in my return way, Mmm interesting riddle.

Monday, March 01, 2004

G O S P E L singin'

Listend live gospel first time at 5th ANNIVERSARY GOSPEL CONCERT of ANOINTED・MASS・CHOIR at Nakano SunPlaza last Sunday. It was that a friend of friend was singing on the stage there and we bought tickets of his sales quota. But was good to watch and listen each of over 150 people on stage enjoyed singing with all his and her senses.

ANOINTED MASS CHOIR is a nonprofit & nonreligional amateur gospel-singing society based on Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Within 5 years of its foundation, has grown to about 1000 members yet looks well organized. Incredibly excellent organization management!!!!! Seeing their message "meet Accidentally and am here inevitably" so let's enjoy singing this moment! I could see no wonder. They are matures.