Sunday, February 08, 2004

Underdog howls

Single women over 30 are underdogs.

is what says in "underdog howls”, a current bestseller essay among Japanese urban singletons over 30,

There is Bridget Jones in London, Ally Mcbeal in Chicago, Sex And The City in NY and in Tokyo it is "underdog howls". It OK to call myself underdog. The writer Junko Sakai (who also call herself underdog) calls so for the message that it takes feel easy. It states, the typical of underdog is those having ability to maintain job and life in certain level by her own with her sensibility and cannot stop chasing adventures and excitement in life. Aha, So here I am. And I go my way.

It's not just how we are described in it but also how she describes. Full of cultural key words in it indicates she has wide and sensible aerial to societies. She accounts well of her excellent observation and analysis against nature of our kin by good writing skill. Well-done work. But completely luck in her book is own philosophy.
Those cultural key words dose not mean depth of her understanding. And there is nothing to indicate her real life and deep thought in her book. Unlike good novels and essays this account has no space for readers to feel something deeper. As sophisticated Japanese woman, every words which might sounds strong are accompanied with words like " I think as underdog”or "although...., although....."

She says that our underdogs "THINK" lots about self with plenty of free time, but the fact it means is just to feel self-pettiness. This is the same as Naoki prize writer Mariko Hayashi often make underdogs in her novels murmur "I am out of luck”Ahhh this is really nature of my Japanese kin "I think". We are free from hunger and social disaster. We have jobs easily and all the shops and restraints and amusements around to satisfy vanity. We have plenty of time to indulge in hobby and feel. But we seldom THINK. I’ve got THINK about this.