Tuesday, February 17, 2004

My! Fotolog!

Sudden of all, access to Fotolog from company's internal network was banned by a content filtering system because of a reason that Fotolog.net was categorized in "Nudity". The moment I saw the ban message, I was about to cry out No! but there's no point to let my colleagues know that I miss to access the site banned as "Nudity"!!!
It's the end of my small habit to post daily photos (non-nudity off course) to my own Fotolog and Tokyotoday and enjoy a touch of mock photographing since I bought a digital camera last summer. I won't dear to post there from home as frequent as from office. And posting to this blog is not as easy as fotolog.net.
But "Nudity" …...wonder if there is somebody else in company having habit of checking some sexy fotos in fotolog.net.... Or...sometime I see good comments and clicking the writer's fotolog ends up seeing gay fotos. Is it the reason!?!?