Monday, February 02, 2004


Joy bell is ringing on a green round door of the comfort hobbit-hole that On 1st Of February 2004 Mayumix has finally came to the end of The Load of the Rings on book after 5 years from the beginning. ding-dong-a-ling-dang.

The ending was bitter rather than happy-ending I expected. From eyes of me a non-Christian barbarian, it has a Christian taste that is not easy to comprehend. But the betrayal of expectation makes me reflect Frodo and entire story again from beginning to the end.......might be what intended by auther. Anyway without halt I've started reading "The hobbit" with hope that it would make my understanding the Load of the Rings deeper.

Meanwhile, I've also checked out 4 volumes of Earthsea Series in Japanese edition from junior book corner of local library inspired by the news vis Kakyou and have read "A Wizard of Earthsea" at one sitting!! I am almost knocked down how this tale has simple yet mighty inspiring about what is the growth of personality to one's mature.