Thursday, February 05, 2004

CINEMA : Moro no Brasil

Since back from this cinema at Shibuya Cinema Society (by the way the sinema is at a top of steep back street of Shibuya Dogen-zaka so return way by my bicycle from here is as exciting as a roller coaster....) I've been listening over and over the soundtrack CD of Moro no Brasil I bought at cinema...the first time I dare to listen Brazilian music.

Finish film director MIKA Kaurismaki, elder of film director Kaurismaki brothers (known as jumpers of ski jumping pair via Kaizuka-do) met Brazilian music in his childhood in exchange of his Deep Purple LP at freezing Finland, grew his obsession to Brazilian music and eventually shot this documentary of rich Brazilian local music in the style of road movie. Indeed the film is simple that he goes there and saw local musicians and watches their lives and listen their telling their music. Director Kaurismaki was looking local musicians frankly the same eye level (or rather respect) without no criticism and no pity and documented them and their music lively as they are. Feeling his human attitude to Brazil music the last thing I would say is such that poverty and complicated ethnic background produce rich music.