Friday, February 13, 2004


I think ( I hope) I am not sticking this too much but found with a concept of this word there is something interesting in conversations I had this week with my underdog kin.
Here I go;

1) With a colleague at office.
She (S) is namely a leader of another section, which She've got a position at days when the company used to give long years workers positions. (I is Mayumix)

S: Can I ask about the new product you are recently concerning? I think I've got concern it too.
I: Sure
S: It's difficult to handle the product isn't it.
I: Explained technically and operationally ...she seems not understanding even half of my talking but pretends understanding well by inserting Yes, I see, Yes, I see,....
S: It's difficult to handle it isn't it.
I: Depends on what you want do.
S: I wonder I should try this product myself.
I: If you want.
S: But it's difficult to handle it isn't it.
I: You can check by your self.
S: So I wonder I should try this product myself.
I: If you like.
S: But it's difficult to handle it isn't it.
I: Why don't you try?
S: I wonder I should try this product myself.
I: .............
She murmured something and went away.

2) With a friend at a bar. She (M) is living in a posh flat in central Tokyo and just started her new job at Yokohama based foreign company at the end of last year as the result of half a year job search after quitting a Roppongi foreign company where she worked for few years.

I: How your job is going and how is your commute to Yokohama?
M: It's OK. Anyway I took this job as a temporary job. I won't stay here long.
(But then she blasted her colleagues how they are irritating people against her for more than a hour.
I: Really bad. If I were you, I would point them out.
M: Ah, but I am a section manager. It's a part of manager job to endure others isn't it.
I: .....if you are happy with that idea.
M: Not happy but I wouldn't stay there long. I don't want to interact them.

3 With another friend over phone.
She(K) was running an clothing company with her partner but privately separated him 2 years ago and had a hard time last year. Meanwhile started cafe business too.

K: Listen me. I am gonna to quit the job end of this month.
I: Did you say you quit the company you are running?
K: My business partner will take my part. I'll have a litter break then will start new cafe business. I already found a new partner for this plan. It was early January, we went to a professional tableware shop together and found everything one picked up agreed with the taste of other. It was such amazing experience. Then we talked over night about our business dream and decided we should start new cafe business together that night!
(And she goes and goes on.)
K: You know, how hard time I had last year. One day of the worst days I was standing at a JR platform and as my eyes reflected the train coming, I had strong temptation to jump my body forward without thinking. Even don't know why I did not do. There days it was as if all my sense was cut off from my body. I worked and ate and did daily routine without my sense. Then one day it touched a secret switch in my deeeeeep soul and something turned completely its direction and all my sense came back. I can say now that I can't be what I am now without experiencing such a hard time. Believe me. You've gotta suffer lots and lots more.

I am proud of K. But I've got much to suffer!?!?