Friday, February 27, 2004

Expectation of spring

Walking at back street of Kanda this afternoon, I saw this aged rabbit is enjoining a beam of sun and expectation of spring. This old wooden townhouse is there alone surrounded by tall gray smooth stylish office buildings, looks impossible to have sun light in the house, maybe.... Anyway how could this soft woman and rabbit have kept their house from vicious development power still swaying in Tokyo is beyond my imagination….

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Kami Robo

is this
.........................................not much I can say...........
I am always in envy of people who find and enjoy such a private fun seriously and infect!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Trying to add photos in my blog♪
views of my town.
Visible or not, down this road over crossover bridge and signals is a tunnel called Sendagaya-tunnel. This tunnel is known as the famous haunted tunnel in Tokyo. It is said you can see a long hair woman standing opposite lane in midnight or sort of...…... maybe an urban legend but the fact is this tunnel is running under burial ground of a temple...... and I have no adventure to take photo of this tunnel closer than this point to invite some blur agony faces flying in my photo........

Monday, February 23, 2004

Lost in Translation

Watched "Lost in Translation" on DVD last Saturday. Thanks Kakyou!

Having been aware of racism claim against "Lost in Translation" some insists for the way Japanese was portrayed, secretly expected to see some unrealistic wired Japanese created by American imagination for fun in the film but none was recognized. From an eye of Tokyo local Japanese, I say this is the first Hollywood film the REAL TOKYO with REAL people was featured in there.

People Bill Murray works with looks just looks REAL people doing jobs of their kind. Shops and places Bill Marray and Scarlett Johansson hung out and easy-going young they sees are all REAL popular place for Tokyo-stay-foreigners and Japanese young likely to be hanging around such places. Scene that Bill stands a head taller than the crowds in lift is getting familiar view in crowded Tokyo train where looking around another direction can be seen shorter foreigners and taller young Japanese too. It's so real that Bill Murray is making ad of "Suntory" whiskey and appears on a real mid-night TV program, Matthew's Best Hit TV!! Matthew has a good presence!! Real irony is that professional translator woman who looks typical English elite fails to translate soul of words but easy-going young and Matthew has mach better way to communicate! I know these are not a favorite Japan of decent or scholar people prefer to see but are REAL people of Japan.

The other thing this film portrayed well is the feeling of travel to countries whose language I don't speak. The strongest was when I traveled to Prague for a week holiday just after Czech and Slovakia were separated, had totally lost there. People did not speak English and their service and tourist treatment based on former communism were often too far from comprehensible level. Plague was a beautiful town and people I saw was nice but can't deny how totally I was lost there.

I see this film is an ordinary American film about lonely American man and woman happened to meet at abroad they shortly stay. Has good taste but very doubt it's worth to be nominated to Academy award. Sofia's location choice is good to focus their inner as Tokyo is not worn-out for Hollywood and has as the best material prosperity yet still holds intrinsic language and culture, which is different from theirs. And she is one of few who detached Tokyo from the subject of exoticism and artistic illusion on particular part of culture of Japanese. This is good job!

Friday, February 20, 2004

TGI Friday

It has been a very consuming week to me this week. I've got an assistant at office from this week, he is temp staff but a freshman from college and is really fresh!

After first few days of honeymoon period where I simply instruct him everything to do and say and go, it came to time to give him some task and leave him to find his own way yet supervise him not to pervert something or make serious mistakes, but found this is really consuming task. Almost every time I give him small direction, I realize I am speaking too much detailed direction out of sheer goodness to help him this very moment whereas I now well as my knowledge and opinion, it would not help him to think hard to find his own way mean for future. Anyway, a weekend begins! Let me refresh!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

My! Fotolog!

Sudden of all, access to Fotolog from company's internal network was banned by a content filtering system because of a reason that was categorized in "Nudity". The moment I saw the ban message, I was about to cry out No! but there's no point to let my colleagues know that I miss to access the site banned as "Nudity"!!!
It's the end of my small habit to post daily photos (non-nudity off course) to my own Fotolog and Tokyotoday and enjoy a touch of mock photographing since I bought a digital camera last summer. I won't dear to post there from home as frequent as from office. And posting to this blog is not as easy as
But "Nudity" …...wonder if there is somebody else in company having habit of checking some sexy fotos in Or...sometime I see good comments and clicking the writer's fotolog ends up seeing gay fotos. Is it the reason!?!?

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day

By the way, I still remember when I had my first Valentine's Day in London in my student time. The Valentine’s Day I knew in Japan was a day girls give boys chocolates and had no idea there was another style in other countries. Having been said to me by all boys around “Happy Valentine's Day” in that morning, what I thought at first was they were asking me chocolates!! Although soon I realized I was wrong and the Valentine’s Day is more like the day boys give girls presents such as cards, flowers and chocolates outside Japan, it was a Funny cultural misunderstanding experience worth to experience.

Friday, February 13, 2004


I think ( I hope) I am not sticking this too much but found with a concept of this word there is something interesting in conversations I had this week with my underdog kin.
Here I go;

1) With a colleague at office.
She (S) is namely a leader of another section, which She've got a position at days when the company used to give long years workers positions. (I is Mayumix)

S: Can I ask about the new product you are recently concerning? I think I've got concern it too.
I: Sure
S: It's difficult to handle the product isn't it.
I: Explained technically and operationally ...she seems not understanding even half of my talking but pretends understanding well by inserting Yes, I see, Yes, I see,....
S: It's difficult to handle it isn't it.
I: Depends on what you want do.
S: I wonder I should try this product myself.
I: If you want.
S: But it's difficult to handle it isn't it.
I: You can check by your self.
S: So I wonder I should try this product myself.
I: If you like.
S: But it's difficult to handle it isn't it.
I: Why don't you try?
S: I wonder I should try this product myself.
I: .............
She murmured something and went away.

2) With a friend at a bar. She (M) is living in a posh flat in central Tokyo and just started her new job at Yokohama based foreign company at the end of last year as the result of half a year job search after quitting a Roppongi foreign company where she worked for few years.

I: How your job is going and how is your commute to Yokohama?
M: It's OK. Anyway I took this job as a temporary job. I won't stay here long.
(But then she blasted her colleagues how they are irritating people against her for more than a hour.
I: Really bad. If I were you, I would point them out.
M: Ah, but I am a section manager. It's a part of manager job to endure others isn't it.
I: .....if you are happy with that idea.
M: Not happy but I wouldn't stay there long. I don't want to interact them.

3 With another friend over phone.
She(K) was running an clothing company with her partner but privately separated him 2 years ago and had a hard time last year. Meanwhile started cafe business too.

K: Listen me. I am gonna to quit the job end of this month.
I: Did you say you quit the company you are running?
K: My business partner will take my part. I'll have a litter break then will start new cafe business. I already found a new partner for this plan. It was early January, we went to a professional tableware shop together and found everything one picked up agreed with the taste of other. It was such amazing experience. Then we talked over night about our business dream and decided we should start new cafe business together that night!
(And she goes and goes on.)
K: You know, how hard time I had last year. One day of the worst days I was standing at a JR platform and as my eyes reflected the train coming, I had strong temptation to jump my body forward without thinking. Even don't know why I did not do. There days it was as if all my sense was cut off from my body. I worked and ate and did daily routine without my sense. Then one day it touched a secret switch in my deeeeeep soul and something turned completely its direction and all my sense came back. I can say now that I can't be what I am now without experiencing such a hard time. Believe me. You've gotta suffer lots and lots more.

I am proud of K. But I've got much to suffer!?!?

Tuesday, February 10, 2004


God a RSS reader software News Watcher from NewsWacher free of charge! Thanks for free offering the program. Am not paying least 1-sen (is /100 yen) for my blogging so far and
run my blog and got a free RSS reader too. I know this is not fair in economically and technically, but loving and enjoying the blog is the contribution.
Speaking a word RSS from my mouth sound myself a real cool blogger isn't it♪ Anyway let have a try and see it (at last).

Sometime I say I love America

at hearing news that father named his baby version2.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Underdog howls

Single women over 30 are underdogs.

is what says in "underdog howls”, a current bestseller essay among Japanese urban singletons over 30,

There is Bridget Jones in London, Ally Mcbeal in Chicago, Sex And The City in NY and in Tokyo it is "underdog howls". It OK to call myself underdog. The writer Junko Sakai (who also call herself underdog) calls so for the message that it takes feel easy. It states, the typical of underdog is those having ability to maintain job and life in certain level by her own with her sensibility and cannot stop chasing adventures and excitement in life. Aha, So here I am. And I go my way.

It's not just how we are described in it but also how she describes. Full of cultural key words in it indicates she has wide and sensible aerial to societies. She accounts well of her excellent observation and analysis against nature of our kin by good writing skill. Well-done work. But completely luck in her book is own philosophy.
Those cultural key words dose not mean depth of her understanding. And there is nothing to indicate her real life and deep thought in her book. Unlike good novels and essays this account has no space for readers to feel something deeper. As sophisticated Japanese woman, every words which might sounds strong are accompanied with words like " I think as underdog”or "although...., although....."

She says that our underdogs "THINK" lots about self with plenty of free time, but the fact it means is just to feel self-pettiness. This is the same as Naoki prize writer Mariko Hayashi often make underdogs in her novels murmur "I am out of luck”Ahhh this is really nature of my Japanese kin "I think". We are free from hunger and social disaster. We have jobs easily and all the shops and restraints and amusements around to satisfy vanity. We have plenty of time to indulge in hobby and feel. But we seldom THINK. I’ve got THINK about this.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

CINEMA : Moro no Brasil

Since back from this cinema at Shibuya Cinema Society (by the way the sinema is at a top of steep back street of Shibuya Dogen-zaka so return way by my bicycle from here is as exciting as a roller coaster....) I've been listening over and over the soundtrack CD of Moro no Brasil I bought at cinema...the first time I dare to listen Brazilian music.

Finish film director MIKA Kaurismaki, elder of film director Kaurismaki brothers (known as jumpers of ski jumping pair via Kaizuka-do) met Brazilian music in his childhood in exchange of his Deep Purple LP at freezing Finland, grew his obsession to Brazilian music and eventually shot this documentary of rich Brazilian local music in the style of road movie. Indeed the film is simple that he goes there and saw local musicians and watches their lives and listen their telling their music. Director Kaurismaki was looking local musicians frankly the same eye level (or rather respect) without no criticism and no pity and documented them and their music lively as they are. Feeling his human attitude to Brazil music the last thing I would say is such that poverty and complicated ethnic background produce rich music.

Monday, February 02, 2004


Joy bell is ringing on a green round door of the comfort hobbit-hole that On 1st Of February 2004 Mayumix has finally came to the end of The Load of the Rings on book after 5 years from the beginning. ding-dong-a-ling-dang.

The ending was bitter rather than happy-ending I expected. From eyes of me a non-Christian barbarian, it has a Christian taste that is not easy to comprehend. But the betrayal of expectation makes me reflect Frodo and entire story again from beginning to the end.......might be what intended by auther. Anyway without halt I've started reading "The hobbit" with hope that it would make my understanding the Load of the Rings deeper.

Meanwhile, I've also checked out 4 volumes of Earthsea Series in Japanese edition from junior book corner of local library inspired by the news vis Kakyou and have read "A Wizard of Earthsea" at one sitting!! I am almost knocked down how this tale has simple yet mighty inspiring about what is the growth of personality to one's mature.