Monday, January 05, 2004

Where is Shrine manner??

Went to Hatsumode to some famous Shrines in Tokyo over new year days, realized manner for Shrine seems going to fade away. Even people in their 30's and 40's with their children just walk to the main shrine, stand in front of wooden box in front of main shrine, throw some money to the box, couple perms and prey while and turn back, which is in sum, rather temple manner. Not many were preying with the least Shinto manner of 2 vows, 2 hands and 1 vow.

I am usually far from religious mind. But therefore I see pure religious attitude is beautiful and have respect to any religions (except cult!) and like to obey their manner when I drop in religious places for taking little time to reflect my life and focus matters need to be overcame in my mind. At Shrines I respect Shinto-manner, at Temples I respect Buddhism manner, at Church I will bent my knee down with my hands joining at my chest with respect to a man on cross in front of me and will say amen. (If I had a chance to go to Mosque which never been, will ask manner)

It's sure that this vague attitude of Japanese to Shrine is because Shinto is still a sting in Japanese mind that it was once an icon of Japanese nationalism over East and North Asia, which caused the World War 2. Of course the war was wrong. But what wrong to find guilty and reflection was politics that went to militarism and relationship between politics and religion at the time. What to atonement is to start from sincere talk to neighbor centuries instead of avoiding matter with pain in minds.
Wonder where this sting in Japanese mind is going in future and where’s Shrine manners? By the time can we gain watching eye to politics such as why Koizumi who is going to send Jiei-tai to Iraq has to go to Yasukuni Shrine out of many Shrines in Tokyo for his Hatsumode this year?